Like the espresso of your favorite café,but in your own home.

Koffy is a high quality coffee maker with incredible value for money.

Thermoblock heating system, stainless steel tubes ensure that the coffee maker is ready to use in very few seconds, heating the water quickly. 
Adapts to your tastes and preferences, it has 2 stainless steel puffins. The small cacillo is suitable for single dose and ground coffee (1 coffee). The large cacillo is suitable for ground coffee (2 coffees).

The temperature of the cup greatly influences the quality of the coffee. Koffy includes a tray warming cups on top, ideal for getting your cup to the perfect temperature.


With the adjustable vaporizer with cappuccino case you can foam milk and prepare delicious cut and cappuccinos. It is also ideal for heating water and making infusions.

2 functions: espresso and steam. The function selector is simple and practical, with an elegant design that integrates perfectly with metallic anti-fingerprint stainless steel finishes. 

15 bar pressure pump,   with the strength necessary to achieve all the intensity, creaminess and texture, a perfect balance for you to get your ideal coffee.




Professional coffee for only €75

Try it, and if you don't like the coffee it makes,

ng> you give it back to us for free.


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