¿Has pensado en comprar una cafetera superautomática?

Automatic coffee makers with integrated (or super-automatic) grinder are the best choice for coffee lovers and syrups. There's no better option! And we find more and more models, with more sophisticated technologies and with more doubts when choosing.

If you want to discover the best tips or solve doubts from our automatic coffee maker, read on!

Does it really change the taste of coffee if it's freshly ground?

Isn't it the same to drink you a freshly squeezed orange juice as a juice in tetrabrick? Well, the same goes for freshly ground coffee. Our super-automatic coffee maker features an integrated grinder that instantly grinds the precise amount of coffee each cup needs. In this way, all the properties of the grain are preserved and you can enjoy a coffee with all the aroma and flavor you want.

In addition, you can adjust the degree of grinding according to your preferences. For more intense coffee, the degree of grinding should be finer. If, on the other hand, you like softer coffee, the degree of grinding should be thicker.

Forget the capsules!

What if we tell you that, with our automatic coffee maker, besides committing to the environment you also save money? Imagine what you can save if you stop buying capsules and start using coffee beans. It will last you longer, you will enjoy much more of its flavor and it will have less impact on the environment.

Unlike other coffee makers you can find on the market, ours is designed to take up little space in your kitchen and give it daily use. It has an elegant design and quality finishes that adapt to any space.

It has a touch button selector(intense coffee, soft coffeeor hot water), indicators for easy maintenance (lack of water, grain, etc.), remember your preferences for when you return to coffee, you can adjust each coffee to your liking, has automatic shutdown,and has an automatic descaling system to make coffee life more durable and of higher quality.

What is the Thermoblock system?

Our coffee maker has an ultra-fast water heating system called Thermoblock. If you're not familiar with this name, just know that this system is more efficient, cleaner and faster than coffee makers using boiler. In addition, it has an Italian pump of 19 bars that guarantees an intense flavor quickly and at the push of a button.

What kind of water does our coffee maker need?

Tap or bottle water? You may not have thought that the water you put in our coffee maker affects the quality of the coffee, but yes!

You can use either, but always considering that water with too much lime affects the taste of coffee. In addition, over time it may spoil the coffee maker. Ideally, you can use bottle water, but if you maintain good cleaning and decalcify the coffee maker regularly, you can use tap water perfectly.

How to get a proper temperature?

The temperature of the coffee affects (and a lot) its quality. If the water has not been sufficiently heated, it will be more difficult for all the aromas of coffee to be removed at the time of infusion, resulting in a coffee with little cream.

We also don't have to obsess over temperature, our coffee maker has a system that automatically adjusts the grades to make the right extraction.

One of the tricks for having a hotter coffee is rinsing the cup with the hot water button before making the coffee.

How to get a creamy coffee?

One of the things that defines good coffee is that it's creamy. With our coffee maker it is possible and here we leave you some tricks (nothing difficult) to help you get a perfect cream.

The first thing you need to know is that whenever you make a soft coffee, it will have less cream than an intense coffee.

We recommend that you put the adjustable coffee pump as low as possible. If it is too far from the cup bubbles can form and you will not get the desired texture.

Another of our tricks is to heat the cup before making the coffee.

You will see that, following these tricks, you will get a dense cream, and very very rich!

What if I don't get the creamy coffee?

We know you're demanding with coffee and that's why we want to help you have the highest quality in every cup. If you don't get the cream you want, it can be for a number of reasons.

See if the coffee comes out with little consistency. If so, you may be using too thick a grinding grade. Try putting it in a position to make it thinner.

Sometimes the coffee machine may not have reached the proper temperature and may affect the creaminess of the coffee. Try the next coffee. If the desired cream still doesn't come out, you'll most likely need to do a descaling of the machine.

Lime can clog the coffee maker and make it not warm enough and the coffee doesn't come out at the temperature you want. That's why it's so important to keep the machine clean.

What is the pre-infusion system?

When the pump starts working, there is a small stoppage. During the same, the already ground coffee is moistened with a small amount of water before full extraction. This causes the coffee to expand and retain the passage of the liquid, thus increasing the working pressure and helping to extract all the oils and the total taste of the ground grains.

Discover more of our automatic coffee maker or our selection of espresso machines,and choose the one that best fits your kitchen!


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