Cómo elegir una batidora de mano.

How to choose a hand blender.

You need one hand blender ? You are in the perfect place. In our store , you will have the possibility to choose the one that best suits your needs. There are models made of plastic or metal, with different power levels, and models with or without accessories.

How to choose the best blender ? Keep reading and discover the key elements that you should take into account when buying it.


In Mellerwar e You can choose from a wide variety of hand blenders, both plastic and metal. If you choose a plastic device, it is very important that you make sure that it is made with a Plastic suitable for direct contact with food .

You will also find appliances whose design includes steel finials or special coatings.

It is best that you choose one stainless steel mixer . It is a stronger and more durable material. In addition, they are usually easier to clean.


Depending on the use you intend to give it, it is very important that you choose a blender with adequate power. Mellerware hand blenders have a power of 1000 W that allow you to crush, blend and mix foods with ease.

If your goal is to use it occasionally, you can opt for a hand blender with a power of less than 400 W. But, if you plan to use it regularly and to make different recipes, it is better that you choose a model with a power greater than 800 W.



The simplest models usually offer two speeds: standard and turbo. However, there are hand mixers , like the one from Mellerware, that have a greater range and allow to adapt the grinding speed when you need it.


Being a handheld device, it is very important that you pay attention to the weight. you must choose a blender that is light, but at the same time comfortable and safe . It will be easier for you to handle it and you will avoid accidents.

Cable length

Although it may seem like a less important element, the length and type of the cable is one of the factors that you should take into account when comparing the different blender models. A small cable greatly limits movements necessary for effective blending of food. When choosing, prioritize those devices that have a long or spiral-shaped cable. In this way, you will be betting on a Greater security and sense of autonomy .


The number of blades is another of the basic points What you should pay attention to when buying your blender . The simplest models usually have only two leaves. Nevertheless, It is best to choose a device that has four blades , because this ensures a higher quality and faster grinding. Its technology is based on the combination of simultaneous movement and cutting. Two of the blades will move the food while the remaining two will cut it.

Ease of cleaning

Be sure to choose a blender model make it easy to clean . Currently, there are many models that are suitable to be put in the dishwasher . Blenders tend to get quite dirty, especially in the area of ​​the blades. For this reason, you must carefully assess all the possibilities offered by the different models to facilitate washing.


The availability of accessories It is one of the key points when choosing hand blenders . In our online store , you will find several models that include various accessories that are easy to attach to the main body of the device. Among the most common accessories are cutters, choppers, whisks for whipping egg whites or yolks, and glasses for mixing.

These accessories give a plus of use to the devices because, in addition to mixing food, you can do many more things with it. For example, cutting vegetables or grinding foods of greater consistency such as cookies or nuts.



An interesting aspect that you should take into account when choosing your blender are the innovations presented by each of the models. Generally, brands make continuous changes to the devices with the aim of improving the grinding experience and expanding its functions.

The hood that protects the area of ​​the blades is an element that has undergone many modifications. Industry brands continually seek to create unique designs that set them apart from the rest. Its main objective is the commercialization of blenders with hoods that minimize splashing and optimize the crushing process.


Being a device that is usually handled with one hand, It is essential that you choose an ergonomic device that facilitates its use. Go for a blender that you feel comfortable with and that fits well in your hand.

Also, notice that it has the buttons in an area of ​​easy access , so you do not have problems when changing the speed during grinding.

Availability of spare parts

Another important point to keep in mind is the availability of spare parts in the market . In the event that any part breaks, you will need to be able to easily count on a replacement. It does not hurt that you take this detail into account and that way you will be more calm.

Our Spiro hand blender , is a Very complete stainless steel model . It has 1000 W of power and stands out for being an ergonomic and lightweight model.

Among its main advantages is the anti-splash system , in addition to the facilities it offers for cleaning. It is suitable to be put in the dishwasher.

Count with one speed controller with LED lighting and a turbo function with which you can grind more consistent foods more quickly. It presents 4 high-performance blades of great resistance and quality.

It is perfect for preparing your recipes by versatility that offer their accessories:

  • 350 ml chopper jug: accessory that fits perfectly into the main body of the blender designed to facilitate the chopping process food such as meat, vegetables, fruits or ice, among others.
  • Emulsifying rod: perfect for preparing recipes that require emulsifying or mixing the ingredients.
  • 600 ml measuring cup: facilitates ingredient measurement and the grinding of food in small quantities.


Do not think twice and buy your hand blender !