Maybe this is the first time you've visited our website or maybe you're already a die-hard Mellerware fan, but whatever the reason for your visit, we think you deserve a formal introduction.

Well there it goes: we are Mellerware, a company that offers quality appliances at smart prices.

Smart means buying a high quality product at a very competitive price. It's that simple. We cut out the middlemen. Our products leave the warehouse and arrive directly at your home without detours, physical stores or any other process that involves an extra cost for you. So you pay less for more quality :)

Our idea is to bring you closer to an easy and useful shopping experience and, in case that is not the case, we solve it with people, not with machines. And for now we think we're doing pretty well... or so they say. ;)

Master your home life is our invitation to you, in addition to obtaining your products in the easiest and fastest way, to choose the latest technology to enjoy your home in every way: cooking, reading while a robot vacuums for you, taking a nap with the perfect temperature or running 12km without leaving your living room. That is to enjoy your time at home to the fullest.

So after knowing the secret of why we are so good, beautiful and cheap, we want to welcome you to the smartest option on the market and personally invite you not to stay here, but to browse our website to discover the best options and so you become the master of your house.