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Spinning Bike Loopy! Path
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Black Friday, Father's day, Fitness and pets offers, Liquidation, Master the fitness, Mid Season sales, Pre - Black Friday in Fitness and pets, Sale, Spinning bikes, Spinning Bike Loopy! Track
Spinning Bike Loopy! Track
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Spinning bikes: What do you have to take into account to buy one?

To be in shape we no longer need to go to one of the most luxurious gyms in our town. Just get on a spinning bike . Next, we explain the main features that we offer you with these high-level exercise bikes .

If you are a lover of fitness and carrying out a sports routine, without a doubt, spinning cannot be missing from your training. For this, it is important that you take these factors into account before making your purchase. On the one hand, the purchase price. It is a type of product that we are not going to buy every day, so it is advisable to spend a little more to acquire a higher quality product that will last almost a lifetime.

Its main function is fat burning. With it, you will be able to increase both your depth and your resistance and it is suitable for use at any age, regardless of your physical form. You must find your rhythm initially and gradually increase it as you feel more comfortable. In addition to improving your joint and muscle capacity, it also reduces the risk of having a heart attack.

Once you have all these factors in mind, it is time to analyze the technical characteristics that a good exercise bike should have.

Characteristics of a good exercise bike

Among its main features, it is important to highlight the following:

  • Motorized bicycle. The type of resistance adjustment that these bikes have is one of the main technical characteristics. This is mechanical or motorized, so you can adjust your pedaling difficulty on the console.
  • Pedaling fluidity. The weight of the wheels directly influences the lack or fluidity that you can have when pedaling. However, the transmission system also affects in this regard.
  • Maximum weight. In general, the maximum weight that an exercise bike can support is 150 kilos, although there are exceptions.
  • Saddle. You can adjust the height of your bike's saddle, up to a maximum of 1.95 meters. Some bikes also allow you to adjust the handlebars.
  • Stabilization system. This system makes it easier to get on or off the bike. This is especially important for those with mobility problems.

It is important that you choose the model that best suits your needs and that you take into account the space where you are going to use it.

What do kilos mean on spinning bikes ?

Kilos are one of the most important metrics on these types of bikes . They are located in the so-called flywheel , also known as a flywheel. In general, it is covered by PVC elements and is useful to prevent isotonic drinks or water from falling. It also prevents the appearance of dust.

This flywheel is directly connected to the transmission system and is the one that will determine the effort you must exert while pedaling in your workouts. The weight of these inertia wheels is between 13 and 30 kilos. This weight depends on your physical form. Flyers below 18 kilos are recommended for people who do not exercise regularly.

On the other hand, if you do sports periodically, we recommend that you buy a flywheel that is between 18 and 20 kilos. In this way, you will ensure that you acquire a quality bicycle that will last for many years. In conclusion, the spinning bike it is one of the best sports mechanisms you have at your disposal. Discover in Mellerware the best stationary bikes that we can offer you.

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