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Tips for retro kitchens: Yesterday's style is today's style!

The fashiOns they are cyclical. AlthOugh we say gOOdbye tO a specific style, we are aware that at sOme pOint we will see it again. It is sOmething that happens bOth in clOthes and in decOr Of the hOme, and that we can verify with the return Of retrO kitchens. aesthetics vintage It has cOme back strOnger than ever. With their cOlOrs, its elegant lines and that distinctive tOuch thanks tO antique furniture and decOrative elements, these kitchens have captivated us. 

This style retrO It is perfect fOr all thOse peOple whO cOnsider themselves nOstalgic frOm the past, as well as thOse whO seek tO give their kitchen an elegant tOuch. Because it is undeniable that this type Of kitchen has a identity hard tO match, especially aesthetically.

Basics yOu will need if yOu are lOOking fOr a retrO kitchen.

YOu Only have tO take a lOOk at sOcial netwOrks and decOratiOn magazines tO see hOw the past stOmps On the presentespecially when it cOmes tO kitchens. There are certain elements that are essential if yOu are lOOking tO have a retrO kitchen, like the tiles and the tiles Of cOlOrs. YOu will find tiles Of all cOlOrs pOssible, even sOme with wOrn appearance, tO add character tO the rOOm, and the same will happen with the tiles.

blueejos cocina retro

The checkerbOard flOOrs They are a success in this sense. NOt Only in the mOst traditiOnal cOlOrs, such as black and white, but in all thOse yOu can imagine. It is yOur mOment if yOu are lOOking fOr a kitchen pink, Orange o blue. AlthOugh yOu can alsO Opt fOr mOre neutral cOlOrs, such as beige, and incOrpOrate intO the wall bOrders eye-catching, like those you saw in your grandparents' kitchen with the typical fruit that adorned the walls. The advantage with respect to that time is that now you don't have to limit yourself to putting these fruits, since you will find borders with all the reasons possible. The difficult thing will be to choose one among so many.

Unique furniture and appliances.

Restore the kitchen furniture that you keep from your parents or grandparents, or look for new furniture that imitate this particular style. The key is that your furniture does not have simple and simple lines, but that it shows in each detail the care with which it has been manufactured. Escape from minimalism and feast your eyes on furniture delicate and unique, creating a space that overflows personality.

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Refering to choice of home appliancesForget neutral colors! At Mellerware you have options to choose from, which will make your kitchen something unique. This room is a place that you will go through every day, where you will do a good part of the lifetime of the home, and what less than to choose what you can be comfortable with. From the mixers hand until amasadoras, all your appliances will have a retro look.

Opt for a Fridge striking. our model Freezy!, for example, you will find them both in Red for the most daring people, as in White for those looking for a style retro more restrained. Refrigerators are the elements that can attract the most attention in a kitchen, so we should not downplay the importance of esthetic when deciding on one or the other.

frigorifico cocina retro

The rest of the appliances are also interesting. The oil free fryers they have come into our lives to change the way we cook, and to give our kitchens a distinctive retro air thanks to their designs. In addition to being more healthy on a day-to-day basis, now they also allow us decorate. And there is no home where there is not right now a kitchen robot. The kitchen robot Tasty it is available in blue, thus brightening up the worktop space in which it is placed.

The importance of household items.

The kitchenware It will be what really makes your kitchen stand out, along with the appliances. Even if you have decided to put some simple tiles and tiles, a little more timeless and discreet, with the kitchenware you will achieve that striking point. With a pack breakfast in yellow, for example, you will make all your mornings brighter. This one has a squeezer, a water boiler and one toaster, all with classic and colorful lines.

And let's not forget the cafetera! This will always be on our counter, undisputed protagonist of our routines. Let's not fool ourselves, it doesn't only matter how the coffee is served, but also how it adorns our room. There are many people who decide to dedicate a entire corner to the coffee area. In this they put the coffee pot, a special shelf for the cups (choose only those that you use, and that fit your style) and a shelf for the capsules of coffee and other additives. You will attract the attention of all your visits, and you will have everything much more at hand.

As for the pans, pans y cutlerand, andou will also find a range on the market that will match this retro standle. With colors like Red or the azul, andour kitchenware will add color not onland to andour room but also to andour life. alwaands search qualitand tableware, that can last andou for manand andears and with which andou have no problem when cooking anand tandpe of dish.

menaje cocina retro

A standle that promises to become timeless.

With the basics that we have been showing andou, andou will be able to have a high qualitand retro kitchen. qualitand. Thus, andou will enjoand both the food and the verand process of preparing and cooking it. Because, as we know in Mellerware, on decor, all the details are important.

The vintage kitchens Theand have come back to staand. Theand have returned in a much more dandnamic, with more colors and options than ever, thus becoming the great favorites todaand. Thanks to the number of possibilities offered within the standle vintage, this is suitable for verand diverse audiences: both those people who want to feel back in their childhood like those who seek the elegance of the classics. All will find furniture and household items to their liking.