Consejos para cuidar a tu mascota este verano.

Tips to take care of your pet this summer.

A pet have to wear a good feeding , hydration and correct hygiene. As they say, they are one of the family and they must be given all the care to guarantee a good quality of life. Hygiene, whether it is for dogs or cats, is the responsibility of the owner and today there are a large number of products for them.

Basic habits for the hygiene and well-being of your pet

the best way to prevent possible infections It's daily hygiene. Therefore, it will be necessary to adopt healthy habits and be patient, since some pets are more reluctant than others to this care.

Next, we are going to offer you some tips to guarantee the well-being of your pet . Also, remember that there are countless tricks and games that can be implemented to make this care more pleasant and satisfying.

  • Daily brushing. It is necessary for the owner to brush his dog or cat every day. The hair is a source of infection because the animals play and roll in the grass and sand, so it is very easy to accumulate dirt.
  • The punctual bathroom. Without a doubt, bathing is much more necessary in dogs, although it is not recommended during the first months of life. On the contrary, cats are much neater and, in addition, they tend to flee from water. Therefore, it should be done only if it is really necessary.
  • The deworming. Fortunately, there are a large number of hygiene products on the market to deworm cats and dogs. These are chemical solutions, which are prepared in lotions or in necklaces.


When grooming your pet, special attention must be paid to some areas, as they are much more vulnerable than others, such as ears, eyes, feet or nails. In fact, in most cases, these mentioned areas are exposed to accumulate more dirt or bacteria. In addition, special care must be taken in how we do this cleaning, since it is very difficult for the animal to remain still for a long time.

The importance of a good diet in pets

A good nutrition is synonymous with health and happiness in our domestic animals. There are an infinite number of foods and feeds from a large number of brands and the market has a wide variety to cover the tastes and needs of the animals, as well as choosing them based on age.

On the other hand, there are those who choose to prepare homemade food . At no time is this idea ruled out; however, the proper nutrients are not always included. For this reason, a supplement that meets the needs would be sufficient for proper nutrition.

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A good one feeding extends the life expectancy of pets. It does not matter if it is dogs, cats, turtles or fish, because what counts is what they eat. In addition, the choice of a quality meal positively influences the external appearance. To begin with, this will be reflected in a soft coat, strong teeth and bright eyes, among other details of its appearance.

Constant hydration, a source of health

Most pets, especially dogs, really enjoy being outdoors and outdoors. They play, jump, run and expend a lot of energy. In areas with good weather and when the summer season arrives, the weather conditions They are much more favorable. However, at make it hotter, the most normal thing is that they need to drink water more frequently.

Never forget the importance of a correct hydration in the animal, especially in these hottest times. In fact, it is just as important as the feeding . Not only is it not enough to offer them the water they need to avoid panting, but it is also not necessary to exceed the sun exposure.

An animal receives liquid through several routes, such as water from the container, dry food, which contains approximately 10%, or the intake of wet rations, whose content is 80%. For example, a dog that eat wet food will drink less water.

However, the need for water also depends on the weight of the pet. In the case of the dog it is in 60 ml per kg . It is essential that this indicator is taken into account because the intake influences the proper functioning of the metabolism.

Petto Drink automatic drinker

The characteristics of this automatic drinker They are perfect whether it is a dog or cat. This design has been made consciously and thinking about all the needs of these animals. Below we list what this device consists of.


  • Triple action filtering . Thanks to the activated carbon filter, impurities, hair, food debris and bacteria are removed from the water.
  • Ability. Petto Drink provides 3 liters of fresh and filtered water for small and medium-sized pets, that is, they do not exceed 20 kilos.
  • trays . This drinker has two different modes for the output of water. Therefore, it is also ideal for cats due to its 360º design.

Petto Eat Small automatic feeder

This is the best alternative to program the feeding on a daily or weekly basis and, in fact, this product is ideal for not being aware of whether the animal lacks food. Furthermore, these devices by remote control allow owners to observe their pets through a video surveillance camera and smartphone .


  • Automatic feed control. One of the biggest advantages is that with this product we offer the right portions of food and it can be customized depending on the days and times.
  • Ability. The food tank is for 3 kilos of feed and the tray has a capacity of 200 grams. Therefore, it is ideal for pets with an average size.

  • HD camera. This automatic dispenser has an HD camera that can be controlled through the App Mellerware . Sounds and movement alerts are detected, even at night.

In conclusion, if you have any questions about these products and how to offer the best hydration and feeding to you pet , do not hesitate to contact us. In Mellerware we offer you these products and the most advanced technology for modern times.