La plancha vertical que te cambiará la vida.

The vertical iron that will change your life.

One of the heaviest tasks in the home is, without a doubt, ironing. If we have a device to do it the traditional way, this can be even more annoying and take more time. However, if you have a upright iron , You will see that you can reduce this process to just a few minutes.

What is a vertical plank?

Once our summer vacation is over, it's time to return to our routine and all those heavy housework that takes time and effort. Yes, ironing comes to mind for many of us as one of the most annoying, to which we end up fleeing until one more item of clothing does not fit in the basket. However, one of the most effective solutions to eliminate this problem is to have a vertical iron , which will undoubtedly make the task much easier for us.

This device is capable of offering you a new way of straightening your clothes. The Mellerware Upright Griddle It is capable of fulfilling its mission without even coming into contact with the fabrics of your garments. In addition, you can do without the use of an ironing board , since the garments are hung on hangers and supports that allow the appliance to do its job.


Using this device is as simple as passing it over the entire surface of the garment. The appliance emits water vapor, which reaches the garment and smoothes the fabric. Thus, it is possible to achieve excellent results comfortably and in a very short time.

It is equipped with a water tank, which is what we fill to produce the steam responsible for smoothing the garments. As the steam is expelled with force, when it impacts the garment it completely eliminates the wrinkles in the clothes and achieves the same result as with a traditional device.

Mellerware Steamy Vertical Griddle

It has a power of 2300 W. Thanks to this, it can create a steam film that can remove wrinkles and marks from any fabric, even the thickest ones, leaving your clothes impeccable. This steam also has the capacity to eliminate 99% of bad odors, mites, germs and bacteria contained in the fabrics.

Is upright iron It has the particularity that you can also use it in the traditional horizontal way, obtaining excellent results with both functions. To use it vertically, you will need to attach the steam brush. This steam lasts about 55 minutes, which is equivalent to two liters of water. Plus, it's ready to use in just one minute.

It incorporates an innovative anti-scale system, which extends the useful life of the device. It can also notify you when the water tank is about to be emptied, thus avoiding misuse and maintenance. It includes the ideal accessory for hanging clothes and obtaining even better results, as well as extra protection when using it on more delicate garments.


This model can be transported comfortably, since the device has wheels. It is a small and compact device, which adapts to your needs because you can adjust the telescopic bars to the height you want. The Mellerware Upright Griddle It allows you to straighten any type of garment: long, short, of different sizes and fabrics, making the process as easy as possible thanks to its 360º rotating head.

Advantages of our vertical steam iron

There are many advantages for which to decide on the Mellerware Upright Steam Iron instead of a Any traditional iron .

The first advantage is time . Using this small appliance will be much faster than using the traditional device. Keep in mind that, when placing the garment horizontally, you will have to move it on the table to be able to pass the hot plate over it. This takes time, since you have to place the garment in specific positions that allow you to achieve the best result. And you must repeat the process many times to be able to smooth all the clothes.

On the other hand, when using a vertical iron , you only have to hang the garment and gravity will do the rest of the hard work. You only have to worry about passing the device a short distance to achieve the same results. Without a doubt, the process is much faster and less tedious.

Another advantage is that the results obtained are very good You will not need to go over the clothes to eliminate small creases that could not reach the upright steam iron On the other hand, you can do without the ironing table . This is one of the elements that we usually have at home but that take up space and get in the way. By removing this table, you will be able to use the space for other things.


Another advantage is that it is a portable device, which you can take anywhere and move with ease. In addition, to do the task you do not need to bend your back, you can now say goodbye to the pain in this area, as well as in the neck and shoulders that you had when you finished. Now, you can have a good posture and do this task comfortably.

This device is less aggressive with the garments, which will increase the useful life of your clothes. You will avoid discomfort such as accidentally burning your clothes or leaving horrible marks, caused by direct heat, which you will never be able to remove later. In addition, the steam will allow you to eliminate mites, bacteria and bad odors such as that produced by tobacco smoke.

In conclusion, our vertical iron It will be your best ally when facing the hard task of ironing your clothes. Having one of these models will help you save a lot of time, while achieving excellent ironing results.