El mejor regalo para el Día del Padre

The best gift for Father's Day

soon comes the Father's day and surely you are in a mess because you have already given everything to your dear father. To help you, in today's blog we give you a few ideas that you will love. Take note because that year you are going to surprise him for sure!

The best gift for Father's Day

The culinary world never fails and many times we do not have the best kitchen tools to achieve the results we expect in all our dishes. If your father is a true fan of cooking, he will love these gifts. But let's start by defining your parent's preferred tastes.

What is the profile of your father? Well, to give him the perfect gift, the first thing you have to take into account is what his star hobby is. She loves to cook? Are you a lover of healthy? Do you particularly enjoy breakfast? Next we leave you different gifts according to the type of father.

father chef profile

Cooking is a real hobby for many dads who consider themselves true chefs . If this is the case of yours, bet on some of these quality gifts. Because for a real Chef It's the best thing you can give him.

Kuking pots . What makes them so special? Made of cast aluminum, non-stick coating and 100% free of toxic substances, it is the perfect ally for cooks. A pot that serves both for boiling, stewing, roasting, baking or making bath cooking and that it will become your father's favorite kitchen accessory. In addition, it is suitable for all types of cookers, including glass ceramic and induction.

Cast iron pots "Cocotte" They are very resistant, thanks to their material and their non-stick coating. If what your father likes is to prepare traditional dishes with the unmistakable flavor of grandmother, these are for him. In addition, thanks to its interior enamel, it allows easy and quick cleaning, something that your father will thank you very much. In addition, you can use it on all types of cookers, including induction and ceramic hobs.


What are the advantages of cast iron pots ? Without a doubt, they are the most non-stick and durable on the market. If you want your father to enjoy a gift for his kitchen for a lifetime, these are the ideal ones.

the pans They are one of those kitchen products that can make a dish look perfect or be a real ruin. Can you imagine a potato omelette prepared with the utmost care, but which sticks to the pan? Well, this will no longer happen to your father with the Sauty pan. Made of cast aluminium, non-stick coating and 100% free of toxic substances, it allows you to cook all kinds of dishes with the result of a true chef. In addition, it is suitable for all types of kitchens and thanks to its quality, you will have it as new for many years.

packs of kitchenware Full set . A true chef has to have good work tools. If your father needs to renew his kitchen accessories, this may be the gift perfect. This package It consists of two pots and two pans of excellent quality to cook without fear of food sticking or acquiring a strange taste. A package which is well worth it to cook as your father likes. To prepare endless meals and without the need for a microwave or oven.

father profile breakfast

Does your father enjoy a good breakfast or does he love to prepare it for the rest of the family? Well, give him a complete breakfast pack like this. What includes?

A water boiler With 220 W of power and a capacity of 2 liters, to prepare the best infusions in just a few seconds.

A squeezer With 300 W of power, pressure with a lever and a single pour to prepare citrus juices with or without pulp. If your father and the family in general are enemies of industrial juices rich in sugar and poor in vitamins, this juicer is going to make him fall in love.

a toaster unique on the market thanks to the three functions it incorporates: defrost, reheat and cancel to get perfect toast. Of course, if you bet on this gift, don't forget to ask your father to make you a very special breakfast one day... just for you. You deserve it!


parent profile healthy

if you have a father healthy, one of the best gifts you can give him is a fryer without oil. It will allow you to eat all kinds of dishes, such as croquettes, batters, empanadas... without oil, to keep your figure and health at bay. What advantages do these fryers have? They allow you to prepare everything, but with less oil, in less time and preserving the same flavor and texture.


C runch and Mellerware oil - free fryers , They have a beautiful design and very cool for the most foodies. Give the size that you think your father would be most excited about: the small 1.5L, the medium 3.5L or the large 5.5L All models have a digital touch screen, dishwasher basket and come with predefined menus so you don't even have to think about how long and at what temperature you have to put each meal. If your father is not one of those who is so up-to-date with technology, we also have our Crunchy Medium - Black Oil-Free Fryer, a manual model so that he does not have problems and can program his meals just as well.

With these gifts, not only your father will enjoy, but the rest of the family. And it is that when a dish is cooked in a pot or in a quality frying pan, the result is very noticeable. And who does not like a good breakfast with its orange juice, its tea and its very warm toasts?

Sign up for one of these gifts for him Father's day and make him remember this moment forever. Because father there is only one! What are you waiting for to choose yours?