Cómo hacer (bien) un gazpacho casero.

How to make (well) a homemade gazpacho.

With the Mixy blender from Mellerware you can prepare an exquisite gazpacho this summer. You do not need more than a few ingredients that you can select according to your preferences. In the end, in this dish so typical of our gastronomy, you choose how you want to present it, with or without straining, alone or accompanied with fruit and even with the traditional potato omelette.


Prepare a homemade gazpacho without any difficulty for this summer.

For the summer heat, there is nothing better than preparing a homemade gazpacho to which you can give your personal touch if you wish. This very refreshing and healthy drink allows you many variants depending on your tastes. You just have to take into account basic ingredients which we are going to list below. So, open your blog of notes and get ready to bring these products from your trusted supermarket:

  • Fresh tomato.
  • Green pepper.
  • Cucumber.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.
  • Bread.
  • Garlic.
  • Salt.
  • Pepper.

A source of vitamins that cannot be missing in your home.

Without a doubt, the summer becomes the best excuse to make this delicious gazpacho that you can serve cool or, if you prefer, at room temperature. Since there is nothing written for tastes, you have the opportunity to choose the amount of each of the ingredients that we have previously presented to you.

For example, if you are a lover of garlic , instead of adding a clove per liter of gazpacho, which is usually the most usual, you can always put an extra one, especially because of its microbial properties for the organism. You just have to keep in mind that it is usually a bit indigestible if you go too far with it.

One kilogram of tomatoes it may be enough to make a liter of this very nutritious drink, without forgetting the rest of the ingredients. In the case of Cucumber , with a piece it can be enough and even half, depending on the size it has and how excited you are about its flavor.

The green pepper It is another of the essential ingredients. A small piece will be enough to give it that characteristic flavor it has. if you stayed bread from the day before , it will be perfect. Don't worry if it's a little hard. By mixing it with the rest of the ingredients, it will get smooth enough, although you can always put it in a bowl with a little water before putting it in your Mellerware Mixy blender.

You can not miss a splash of the best olive oil , which above all has to be extra virgin It will be the one that gives it that special healthy touch, as well as a flavor that reminds us that we are facing one of the most popular creations of Mediterranean cuisine.

As our ingredients are introduced raw into the glass blender, all that remains is to enhance its flavors by adding a pinch of salt , to taste, plus a little pepper , how well it suits the gazpacho.

You will see that it is quite thick once you have mixed everything. Therefore, a Waterjet it will help you to give it the liquid texture that best suits you. Then we have other details and tricks so that your homemade gazpacho is the star dish of your summer days .


An easy and healthy dish that you can give a personal touch to.

There are several alternatives that you can try this summer to improve your gazpacho. As we told you, the amount of extra water that you decide to add will give it a touch more or less thick . On the other hand, many children like that the lumps that usually appear in traditional gazpacho are not noticeable.

Fortunately, the Mixy glass blender , thanks to its power, which makes it easy to crush ice in a simple way, it allows you to beat your ingredients in such a way that those lumps are not perceptible. Also, if you don't want to wait for it to cool in the fridge, try adding a few ice cubes instead of water so that you can drink your gazpacho very cold straight out of the blender.

Taking advantage of the fact that we are in summer, we must make use of the seasonal fruit to give our dish an even more refreshing flavor. The watermelon it is perfect, not only because of its fresh flavor, but also because it contains the water that our gazpacho may need. Maybe so, you don't have to add water separately. Its flavor will surprise you, as it preserves the traditional base and adds extra vitamins.


How can you serve it?

Once you have prepared it in your Mixy blender, from Mellerware , you have the possibility to present it on your table in many different ways. There are those who prefer it in a bowl to take it with a spoon. It is allowed to add more fruit, but, this time, in pieces. You can use apple, peach and grapes and even a combination of all these options.

Others prefer it in a glass, as if they were having a refreshing smoothie. Of course you can put a little more ice , as summer encourages us to really cold drinks.

This dish so from our land cannot be missing an adequate accompaniment , such as the potato omelette . Can you imagine your tortilla drowned in a good amount of gazpacho? Do not find this combination strange, it will not cease to surprise you.

The gazpacho can accompany you in a field day , at any family celebration and on any short trip you make, although you can always take it in a fridge so that it can be properly preserved.

Forget how it had to be done in the past, which was based on crushing each of its ingredients. Now with the help of Mellerware's powerful blender you will achieve the most traditional flavor, conserving all its vitamins and many more properties that help health and have good energy.

You glass blender Mixy's Mellerware it will make it easier for you to create a luxury gazpacho to which you can give your personal touch and surprise your loved ones. In summer this drink or dish of the Mediterranean diet is appreciated. Its flavor and its large amount of vitamins make it the best option for heat, especially if you serve it cold.