Ideas de cenas románticas este San Valentín con Mellerware.

Romantic dinner ideas this Valentine's Day with Mellerware.

There is very little left for the day of Valentine's Day and surely you are already thinking about the plan that you are going to do with your partner. A day like this has to be special, and there is nothing more special than a date alone at home with a good meal and your favorite drink.

In this article we are going to give you some ideas to fully enjoy the day of romanticism par excellence. You want to know more? Keep reading, we tell you everything!

The most romantic dinners for Valentine's Day

we are going to propose 4 plans for Valentine's Day in which food is the great protagonist, different recipes for different couples. You will surely find the one that you like the most. Let's start!

A perfect date with the Slurpy Crepe Maker :

The Slurpy crepe maker is an option for French cuisine lovers . For a date to the purest parisian style We are going to propose that the decoration be elegant, with a few candles and fresh flowers, with a beautiful black tablecloth that you can decorate with the elements that you and your partner like best. Music? How about sticking with the French style and making a personal playlist with songs as classic as La Vie en Rose .

The best thing about making crepes is that you can make them together and preparing dinner will already be a perfect date in itself. For the fillings we are going to advise you some sweet and some salty.

crepe maker_slurpy_mellerware

For the salty ones :

  • Smoked salmon and avocado: There are classic combinations that do not fail and this is one of them. If you want to give it a little special touch, we recommend you make a rich dressing with lemon and EVOO.
  • Spinach, dried tomato and cheese: If you or your partner are vegetarians, this option is perfect and it is also delicious. The cheese can also be replaced by vegan cheese.
  • Chicken with arugula and blue cheese sauce: If you feel like cooking a little more, you can opt for this filling. Rich, easy to make and also cheap.

For the sweets :

  • Dark Chocolate Strawberries: What's more French than chocolate strawberries in a crepe? Continue with the theme of the neighboring country and sign up for this filling.
  • Peanut butter and pineapple: Peanut butter is healthy, tasty, and combines perfectly with pineapple. A little different touch? Add a little cinnamon to the pineapple and toast it a little on the air fryer .
  • Dulce de leche and banana: For those with a sweet tooth, we bring you this filling, two ingredients that look great together.

For couples who love cheese, the Raclette Yummy :

The Yummy Raclette It is the complement of a perfect date if you love cheese, are you one of those people who eat everything with cheese? Then with this section you are going to turn the Valentine's date into a success! As decoration we are going to recommend something with touches a little country , place a checkered tablecloth, a few plants scattered around the room and put on some music that you like the most, make a personal list.

All this accompanied by a good glass of red wine will be the perfect combination. If you don't know which cheeses can go best with the raclette, Don't worry, we'll tell you everything below.


  • Raclette: Of course, the Swiss cheese that gives the appliance its name is perfect. It melts very easily and you can pour it on top of the ingredients without any problem.
  • Provolone: ​​This cheese of Italian origin is also a good option. It has a very good flavor and to give it a special touch you can add a spice on top such as oregano or thyme.
  • Emmental: To have a different flavor in your raclette We recommend you opt for this cheese, also Swiss. It melts well and goes great with meats.

Now that you know the cheeses that you can put on your date with raclette , we are going to give you some ideas of ingredients that go well with them: breads of any kind, the ones you like the most; vegetables like mushrooms or asparagus, they are very tasty if you toast them well; and meats such as bacon or sirloin, cooked for a short time and perfect with a good cheese.

Dishes that can be made in the Air Fryer to take advantage of time:

If you don't like it with your partner waste a lot of time in the kitchen We are going to recommend that you make the most of the time without having to cook too much. On this occasion you can opt for a slightly festive decoration, with comfortable clothes and the desire to have a good time. You can choose your favorite movie and watch it or choose a couple of board games that you like. A perfect date! Here are some ideas to make with any of our Crunchy Air Fryers.


  • Chicken wings with "fried" potatoes: If you like fast food but eat healthy. We recommend you make some delicious barbecue wings with some potatoes in the air fryer. Simple but very rich.
  • Cannelloni: Of course you can make cannelloni in the air fryer and they are very tasty. You can leave them stuffed from before and put them on just before going to dinner.
  • Provolone: ​​To make a different snack you can choose to make provolone as a hot alternative. Combine it with other things like a tray of Iberian ham or a salmon tartare.

Some delicious skewers to the Grill with our Hotty electric grills.

Do you know how much fun it is to assemble skewers? we bring you a date different Valentine's Day , choose your favorite ingredients and make some delicious skewers at grill with them. You will have a great time setting them up and while you can have a few beers and put on some music that you can dance to. As decoration, opt for a comfortable table, where you can enjoy a good centerpiece that reminds you of a moment together.


Now you have a lot of ideas for Valentine's Day to enjoy with your partner this beautiful day of the year. And if that is the case, and you are single, then nothing happens, adapt these quotes and make your crepes for yourself with a good glass of wine and your favorite series. An amazing day for everyone!