Ideas de granizado con nuestra batidora de vaso Mixy.

Granita ideas with our Mixy glass blender.

Summer is here, and with it the hot season of the year. Therefore, in this article we come to give you some ideas that you will need to refresh yourself at any time this season. With our glass blender you will be able to do without problem all the ideas of slushies What are we going to give you? Do you want to meet them? So keep reading.

The perfect glass blender to make your slushies

The Mixy glass blender has the perfect features to be able to make these drinks quickly and easily. Below we will talk about the key aspects of this appliance that will become your great ally in the summer.

  • Power regulator : you can enjoy the power regulator with LED light to be able to choose how much you want your blender to work at. At Mellerware we know that each ingredient must be treated as it deserves.
  • Design : your appliance will perfectly match the style of your kitchen, whatever it may be. It has an elegant design in black to be able to place it on top of the counter and give an extra touch to your kitchen.
  • With 6 blades : thanks to its 6 blades and its 1500 W of power, there will be no ice or ingredient that will resist you. With this blender, lumps will no longer exist in your preparations.


Slush ideas for different times of summer

You don't know very well what slushies do? Don't worry, that's what we are for! In summer there are many moments in which this drink can be the perfect companion, below we will tell you what drink you can make depending on the moment you are. Let's start!

To take daily

What is the most important thing on hot summer days? The hydration! Therefore, if you want a granita to do daily we are going to recommend a perfect option: the watermelon . This fruit is composed mainly of water and has a very low caloric content, it also has sports and antioxidant properties, which is why it is ideal to take on a daily basis.

The preparation is simple. You will only have to peel and cut the watermelon and put it in your glass blender . Then add 2 glasses of water and 1 glass of lemon juice. Finally add the crushed ice and start enjoying a drink that will surely end up becoming one of your favorites.

For when you have guests

He mango granita It is a good option for when you have guests at home, this seasonal fruit is usually liked by everyone and its beautiful color will make it possible to make a very beautiful table with refreshing drinks.

To set it up You just have to crush the mango to get the perfect texture and accompany it with lime juice and cold water. The amount will depend on the number of guests you have. How do we end it? Of course, with crushed ice, there can be no granita without him. To be able to decorate it, you can add a few slices of lime or even some mint leaves, they will give it that perfect touch.

For after your workouts

Do you want to drink something cool after train ? Well, we are also going to give you an alternative granita for this. This time the recipe will take strawberries and blueberries , which are perfect for replenishing energy and for nourishment after exercise.


He Step by Step It's simple, you just have to put the fruits in your blender and then add unsweetened Greek yogurt, beat everything until it has the texture you want. Then pour it into one of your favorite glasses and add the crushed ice to get a cool drink, and at the same time nutritious.

For an afternoon by the pool

If you have planned an afternoon at the pool, we are going to give you an idea that you will love. Yes indeed, you have to prepare it in the morning so that it has the flavor and freshness it needs. We are talking about cherry granita , a drink that we assure you will be a triumph if you serve it to your friends.

For prepare it The first thing you have to do is clean the cherries, removing the pits and then put them in the freezer for at least 3 hours. When that time is coming to an end, put lemon juice, water, a pizza of salt and a little sweetener in a pot to make a kind of syrup. Take the cherries out of the freezer, put everything in the blender and enjoy a special granita for your pool day.

To see the most magical hour of the day

This article could not miss a classic among the classics: the lemon granita . We are going to give you this idea to go see the sunset , it will be the perfect touch you need to fully enjoy the most magical time of the day.

To make it you only need to mix lemon juice with water and sugar. Depending on what you like the acid you will have to add more or less sugar. Keep in mind that crushed ice cannot be missing either and if you want an extra touch you can add a splash of honey and give it a little more flavor.

For a relaxing night

If you are planning a night of relax with a good conversation You can not miss a cool drink. How do you enjoy those summer nights after a day at the beach or pool, right? For this moment we are going to recommend a Kiwi granita , a different option but just as rich and refreshing as the others.


To be able to do it you will have to mix kiwis with sugar, and fresh mint leaves. After mixing everything, all you have to do is add the crushed ice and start enjoying your drink in good company.

As you can see, there are many options slushies that you can do without problem in our Mixy blender . The question is, which one do you like best? Enjoy this summer the most refreshing drinks, both alone and accompanied by your best friends or family.