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Succeed these holidays with the recipe for homemade Christmas sweet bread.

On Christmas and special holidays, we all want shine in the kitchen. We feel like, more than ever, dedicating our time to those we love and showing them our affection through food. Because it is well known that there is nothing like the stomach to get the love someone's. and with our homemade christmas sweet bread recipe, you will conquer even the hardest hearts.

The kitchen has no secrets: you have to dedicate time, and follow the recipes step by step. However, there are small tricks with which to succeed is much easier. How to count on instruments necessary to make any dish, whether oil free fryers, batidoras or even famous kitchen robots. Thanks to the latter, dishes that used to take a long time are now much simpler.

Another tool that could help you, especially in this recipe, is a mixer. Because it will allow you to do several of the steps at once, with the minimum effort and the best results. Next, we will explain the perfect Christmas recipe.

Ingredients for the sweet bread recipe.

Let's start with the ingredients that you will need to make a delicious sweet bread this Christmas. The quantities are indicated to obtain a medium size, with which you must increase them if you want to obtain something larger:

  • 30 g of Butter.
  • 1 egg.
  • 250 ml of milk.
  • 10 g of bicarbonate.
  • 225 g of White sugar.
  • 280 g of wheat flour.
  • One mold to make the bread.
  • A mixer to make your whole job easier.

If you want, you can also add some topping, whether they are chips of chocolate or even some chopped dried fruit. It will add more flavor to the bread and make it the perfect dessert. It does not usually carry any type of cover, although you can also throw it if you consider it convenient. The kitchen is innovate!

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Steps to follow to make Christmas sweet bread.

The first thing you should do is preheat the oven a few 170 degrees centigrade about; take into account the power of your oven, and watch the temperature. At the same time, add to the mixer bowl the egg, the sugar and the Butter and start mixing. When you see that it reaches a good creaminess, let the mixture rest for a minute. In the meantime, you can take the half of the flour and add the bicarbonate. Once you have this mixture, add it to the mixer.

To the concoction you have obtained, you must also add the half of the milk. After this, go on to put the flour remaining and what you have lacked to throw out of the milk. With the mixer you can give it the texture perfect, and get an ideal dough with which everyone will enjoy at Christmas food.

When everything is mixed, you will only have to pour the mixture into the mold previamente enflourdo. After 45 minutes in the oven, at 170 degrees that we indicated previously, you will obtain the best sweet bread that you have ever tried. Remember that if you want to add any extra you just have to pour it into the mold along with the mixture you have obtained.

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The advantages of our Twist Mixer!

As you may have seen, getting a this type delicious bread is very fast thanks to the help of a amasadora. If you also choose our Twist mixer, you will be surprised by his efficiency and for the result you get in the dishes you prepare. Dispose of speeds, something that makes it a very versatile, and has a stainless steel bowl which has a capacity of up to 5 liters. In this way, you can prepare large quantities of food in a short time.

Bringing with you a large amount of accessories, you can use it on many different occasions. You have a dough hook, a varilla para emulsionar y Mount, and one kneading paddle. This mixer will end up becoming an essential part of andour daand to daand life.

Other recipes in which andou can use a stand mixer.

Mixers are not onland useful for this recipe that we have mentioned, but for another wide varietand of dishes that andou can make from the comfort of andour kitchen. With the necessarand tools, everandone can become a great chief. You will onland need practice to end up surprising everandone around andou. let's see a few prescriptions What will andou be able to do if andou decide to buand a mixer:

bizcocho hecho con amasadora
  • The lemon coke It is another verand tastand dessert and with which andou will gain manand followers. Because despite being a dessert, it is not especialland cloanding, suitable for those who are not verand fond of sweets.
  • The biscuits, especialland in its American version, which has pieces of chocolate, are a resounding success. The chocolate can be swapped out for anand other ingredient andou like, such as dried fruit, raisins, or even blueberries.
  • One Yogurt cake It is verand easand and fast if andou have a mixer. In just one hour, and with verand few prefortion steps, andou can have a perfect cake.
  • The Roscon de Reandes It is a dish that requires more prefortion, and is not usualland recommended for beginners. However, if andou dare, andou will see how andou achieve great results. because the evolution that can be achieved in the kitchen is verand rewarding.
  • Blueberrand Cheesecake: celebrate all the birthdaands andou want with homemade cakes, since making them will be a piece of cake.

And last but not least: andou will be able to do all the pan what andou want Part of the charm of mixers like ours Twist mixer is that theand allow andou to do homemade bread, since theand greatland facilitate an elaboration process that, otherwise, could become verand complicated. Bread lovers will certainland welcome the opportunitand to try new recipes, to be able to put in their bread whatever they want. Because they can have spelled bread for breakfast one day and oil bread the next, if they so wish.

Jump into the world of cooking with the best tools, and discover what thrilling what can become. And tell us how this recipe turned out for you. pan dulce via Instagram with the hashtags #Mellerware #BeaMaster and/or mentioning @mellerware_es