¡Sácale partido a tu vaporeta! Todo lo que puedes limpiar con ella

Take advantage of your steamer! Everything you can clean with it

What to clean with a steamer?

We answer this question so that you can discover, personally, the enormous functionality of this appliance. Get ready to clean your home better than ever.

Common Uses for Handheld Steamers

Before commenting on them, it is important that you know how a steamer works . Any model includes a tank that you have to fill with water. The lower resistance will get this herb causing the vapor to come out of the corresponding head. You will not need to use any type of added product to disinfect any surface.

This advantage means that if an allergic person lives in your house, or you have a pet, you completely eliminate the remains that may remain and that do not come out when sweeping or using the mop to clean. Regarding the uses, they are the following:
  • crystals . It will be much easier for you to remove dirt and leave them spotless.
  • tiles. Both in the kitchen and in the bathroom, it is quite common for grease and mold to accumulate due to their exposure to humidity. Steam removes both in seconds and prevents potential health problems.
  • countertops. Whether it is made of marble or any other material, you usually use them to cut, knead or place containers. The use of cleaning materials that are too aggressive can alter its surface. The steam adapts perfectly to the one you have installed and guarantees maximum health.
  • Faucets, showers and toilets. The accumulation of lime and other types of contaminants requires that you use a chemical product for cleaning. In the long run, the article ends up deteriorating the chrome. Using steam you will extend the useful life of your toilets and taps.
  • Sofa or car upholstery . Using a Fush handheld steamer allows you to achieve an optimal result. Forget about using covers to avoid staining the upholstery. It will be enough to pass the steamer once a week to erase the stains and the remains of dirt. Just plug in your Fush, wait three minutes and clean with 3.5 bar pressure. You can eliminate 99.99% of viruses and bacteria.
  • floors . Although the mop and the disinfectant product that you usually use also help to clean, it is not easy to remove what accumulates between the tiles. By applying steam it will come out in seconds. In less than 10 minutes you can have the floor of your choice totally clean.
  • Blinds. If you have tried to clean your blinds, you will know that you should go out the window, use a cloth with water, dry them and so on. With the steamer you apply the steam all over its surface and you manage to remove the dust from the holes in the slats. You will work less and you will get your blind to look like the first day.

What else can be cleaned with a steam cleaner?

We indicated previously which are the most common uses. Luckily, there are other complementary ones that allow steamers to become essential to clean the following.

ovens and microwaves

It is another of the examples in which a foam or spray type product is usually used to remove accumulated grease. Both options require you to thoroughly clean the oven after use to prevent the food you prepare from becoming contaminated. Pressurized steam helps you see the fat melt and makes it easier to clean. You will cook without strange flavors or aromas.

Sofa and mattress cleaning

Under the upholstery and sheets is the surface where you sit or lie down. Even if you use waterproof protectors or similar, you always end up filtering sweat, pieces of dead skin, dust and other external agents. Progressively, all contribute to accelerate the deterioration of the affected surface. Using a steamer every time you change the sheets or clean your house will eliminate dust mites, pet hair and other allergens in minutes.

Refrigerators and freezers

It is not enough to clean the refrigerator trays with water and a dishwasher. On them we place packaged food, fruit, vegetables and other foods. Each surface must remain totally clean to prevent the food you prepare from becoming contaminated. It will be as simple as removing the trays, steaming the back and then each shelf. You will avoid blockages in the drain, which you can also clean with steam, and you will turn your fridge or freezer into a much more suitable space for storing food.

Other uses to consider

While the alternatives above focus on cleaning, there are two others that increase the functionality of your next steam cleaner.

Iron the clothes

You need a hanger , a place to hang it that allows you to maneuver easily and a few minutes. You will be able to easily remove all wrinkles with just a few passes. It will serve you both for dresses and for shirts and other types of garments.

Peel off the wallpaper from the wall

The steam softens the glue and avoids the use of various tools to tear off the paper. In addition, you can clean the wall more intensively before putting a new wallpaper or painting it. Dirt also tends to accumulate between the paper and the wall, so your steamer can become an essential element when making any changes to the decoration of your home.

Clean your car inside and out

The steamer is fantastic for leaving the dashboard in perfect condition. Don't forget to use steam in the air conditioning ducts to remove any clogs caused by dust or dirt.

On the outside of the car you can repeat the operation in the ducts that cool the engine. The wheels and the bumper will be totally clean and you will be able to show off your car again after about 30 minutes of work.

As you have seen, the question what to clean with a steam cleaner is a question with a multitude of answers. Go ahead and buy one and use it to make it your best tool to clean whatever you want. The investment is worth it and disinfection is fully guaranteed. Don't let dirt end up affecting your health.