We take reverse logistics (returns) very seriously, we are also customers of other brands and that's why we put ourselves in your skin. We know how frustrating it is when you're not satisfied with a product that the return process is slow and tedious.

In short: If you buy easy, you can return it easily.

For this reason, we believe that the only way to give you a good service is to do it through real people,we rely on a human customer service team, which will try to give you a personalized solution in the shortest possible time.

We want to make it easy, contact our customer support team through the chat on our website, via email hi@mellerware.com,or through our https://mellerware.com/pages/atencion-al-cliente form and you will receive a response orcall in less than24 hours!

Some frequently asked questions about returns or refunds:

Can I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order you can do it from

"My Account" → "My Orders" → select your order → "Cancel my order".

Our customer service team will receive all the necessary information to cancel it and make the refund of the amount.

Can I change the items in my order?

Eye! Once you've placed an order, you can't change the content of the order. 

Solution: Cancel your order and make a new one with the items you need. It's that easy!

Can I change my shipping details?

We are very fast preparing your order, so you will not be able to make modifications from our website.

Solution: When the order leaves our facilities you will receive an email from our transport provider, where you will have all the necessary information and a link so that you can modify the delivery details.



A tip:

Do you know that more than 90% of online delivery incidents occur because of errors in the shipping address? Use the search engine on our website to validate and autocomplete the shipping address

What happens if the product doesn't meet your expectations?

If you don't think this item isn't made for you, please contact our customer support team within 30 days or fill out the form below.

We're going to put this big to make it clear...


We only asked you for two things!

  • Dedica 2 minutes to give us as much information as possible about the reason for your return, it helps us to improve!
    • Keep the original packaging until you are clear, or protect with all the originality that you can think of the product, we will thank you!

    What happens if the product arrives damaged or I have received another item?

    If you have had any problems with your shipment please contact our customer support team within 30 days, or fill out the form below.

    Attach photos of the problem: It will be much easier for our team to assess the incident and offer you a quick solution that meets your expectations, in addition, this means that our supply chain has been broken at some point, we appreciate your information to find the leak and repair it as soon as possible.

    When will I receive my refund?

    Once the product has arrived in our warehouses and we confirm that the item is in the state you have previously indicated to us, we will notify you as we have initiated the refund of the amount of your order.

    It depends a little on yourbank, but calculate a period of 3-4 calendar days to see the movement reflected in your bank account since you receive the notification. If you haven't received anything after that period, let us know!