3 ideas para ubicar tu mini frigorífico este verano.

3 ideas to locate your mini fridge this summer.

The best comes in small packages. Especially if in summer we talk about a mini fridge . This modern and practical appliance is perfect for small kitchens and single-family homes, for the workplace or for a rental room. In addition, it can be a great auxiliary option for a terrace or a large house with several floors.

General conditions for the location

Whatever the space, some general conditions are necessary for the installation of a mini-refrigerator. Adapting to it will extend the useful life of the appliance and will maximize its energy efficiency.

  • Temperature: It is the most decisive factor, since the work that the mini fridge does is to cool the hot air. If it is too high, it reduces the ability of the fridge to dissipate heat, which decreases its performance. For this reason, we must try to locate the mini fridge in a place that is as cool as possible.
  • Aeration of the mini fridge : if it favors the circulation of air around the appliance, we can improve its efficiency, since this way it can dissipate the heat generated by the cooling. That is why you always have to leave a minimum space of 10 cm between the refrigerator and the wall and other furniture, even at the back of it. If it is placed at an angle, care must be taken that the corners also keep the minimum separation of 10 cm.

It must be remembered that the refrigerator takes in the cold air from the lower area and expels the hot one in the upper area. That is why the base is not too important, and it can be placed both on top of another piece of furniture and on the floor. But the upper part must be clear.


How to locate a mini fridge?

All these places where to put one of these small appliances can be classified into three: in the kitchen, in rooms other than the kitchen and in the workplace. Next, the ideas and decorative keys for each of these places.

In the kitchen

It seems easy, since it is the most usual place for any refrigerator. But kitchens are usually made to have a bigger fridge.

If it's a small kitchen, You can fit the mini fridge under the counter, where the dishwasher or washing machine is usually located. We recommend taking advantage of the large hole that is normally indicated for the refrigerator to put more cabinets or shelves. You can also put a door in front of the refrigerator to have more discretion or if you want to unify the design of the kitchen.

Whatever the kitchen, you always have to try to have the refrigerator installed away from other appliances, especially those that emit heat, such as the oven or stove.


in another room

It can be somewhat difficult to integrate a mini fridge into a dining room It is a bit shocking for those who enter the room to see a refrigerator, unless its door is like a closet. That is precisely the idea. You can buy a small cabinet and place the refrigerator inside. It can be used to place a beautiful set of glasses on top of the cabinet to serve the contents of the refrigerator, either inside a display case or on a beautiful tray.

Even so, the most economical option to integrate the refrigerator is still a simple shelf surrounding the fridge. If the place is small, it can be used to install more shelves on the furniture, and thus place, for example, glasses and crockery.

A small fridge can also be great for creating a minibar at home. Maybe she will be too small to recreate one of those bars like the ones you see in the suites of luxury hotels, but we can always have a corner with a small bar or long table, a couple of stools, a glass cabinet with bottles and glasses and the mini fridge .

If the refrigerator is installed in a terrace either garden , we recommend that it be in a covered part, to protect the appliance. If we have space, it is an excellent idea to have a corner for a table or bar, chairs or loungers.

The mini fridges Mellerware They are great to place in a bedroom as they are very quiet. We recommend choosing a place near a plug, to avoid putting extension cords, as they increase the risk of short circuit. It is also better to put it away from the head of the bed.


In the workplace

Thanks to how quiet it is, the refrigerator  Mellerware it is perfect for the workplace. Thus, there will be no vibrations or engine noise that make it difficult to concentrate.

In any case, we recommend placing the mini-fridge away from the work area , which is usually also the area where there are more electrical appliances. This prevents the refrigerator from heating up and also the risk of food or drinks falling on the work area.

Some offices have small rooms with a kitchen area Where can you put this type of refrigerator? If there is no space for it, the ideal is to place it in a cabinet with doors , always respecting the distances of 10 cm between the refrigerator and other objects.

Yes there is no closet with doors and there is no choice but to leave the refrigerator in plain sight, there are already beautiful refrigerators with beautiful designs and bright colors, which can enliven the style of the office and reflect our dynamic lifestyle. Sometimes feeling like we work at home isn't so bad.

The possibilities of a mini fridge are many. That is why at Mellerware we have opted for decorative and elegant designs for this refrigerator. Modern life requires us, sometimes, to put a fridge in an unsuspected place, that's why we have opted for this design with touches vintage , as suitable in the home as in the room of an accommodation.