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- 30 €
Black Friday, favorites of the month, last units, Liquidation, Master the cooling, Sale, Standing fans, Ventilation, Ventilation without roof vent, Air Power 50
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Standing fan

Pedestal fans are essential to beat the heat, but do you know why? Don't worry, we'll tell you all its secrets.

  • Capacity . It will depend on the usual number of diners. Standard models are ideal for a couple or three people.
  • Size . Check where you are going to store it and if you have enough space for some designs. Only if your countertop is large enough can you always have it in sight.
  • Weight . It is more important than it seems, since you will have to move it to store it or place it where it is needed.
  • Power . oil free fryers They are available in a range from 800 to 2,000 watts. The midpoint benefits you when choosing.
  • Cleaning . Most include a bottom drawer that is easily removable and washable. Try to buy a model that you can put in the dishwasher to save time.

Why choose a pedestal fan?

There are several air conditioning devices , so the choice of one or the other will depend on the room you want to cool , but if this product stands out for something, it is its adaptability. Most of the products are adjustable in height, they are easily installed and you can take them wherever you want. When they stop being useful after the summer, you disassemble them and store them in their box without any effort.

Another important aspect is that they can be disassembled for cleaning and that they are available in basic colors such as black or white. You will, therefore, ensure that the one you buy fits in with the decorative line that you have in your home from the first moment. When buying it, keep in mind some aspects such as these:

  • The possibility of directing its head where you want. If you put it up, you will ensure that the air does not get too hot. If you prefer to get the air directly, you will lower the temperature of the chosen room by several degrees.
  • Your foundation . The classics, which are divided into several parts, have gone down in history. Now the most effective ones are circular and with enough weight to prevent the fan from falling.
  • The speeds . What do you prefer? The sea breeze or an almost hurricane wind? Choose what you want! Review the options and I am sure you are right with your purchase.

Advantages of this type of ventilation

A standing fan   it's perfect for selecting how you want the airflow to be. It is enough to have a plug nearby and enough space for it to turn. In addition, there are other advantages such as:

  • Its adaptability . This type of silent fan will help you rest peacefully without any disturbance. Put it at minimum speed and enjoy the freshness.
  • An ideal power . There are models of up to 50 watts, which allows you to refresh a room in less time.
  • A stable and adequate airflow . The most modern models generate a flow rate of 58.85 m3/min.
  • Aluminum models are much lighter and easily fit into any room. You can buy a fan up to 1.30 meters high with a weight of just six kilograms.
  • Oscillation ventilation helps cool the entire room progressively.

To all of the above, a very important advantage is added: its price. You can buy a modern, functional model with various advantages for less than 60 euros. Taking into account that a good fan can last you for many years, the idea of ​​buying it is still a safe bet.

But if these fans have managed to continue selling for something, it is because of the renewal of their design. We have gone from the small fans of the 70s of the last century to others in which it is possible to observe the most current decorative trends. You just have to choose the model you prefer and the one that best suits your personal tastes.

Also, what do you gain by spending another year in the heat? Air conditioning is too expensive and not sustainable at all. This alternative is perfect to combine with other extremely useful ones such as lowering the blinds, stretching your legs and getting ready to take a nap or spend a night without suffering from high temperatures.

Do not hesitate. Pedestal fans are destined to become an irreplaceable element in your home. We recommend that you follow our advice before buying one. Say goodbye to another summer without stopping sweating or being a victim of insomnia. Enjoy the summer and the good weather more than ever. You will not regret.

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