Ideas Regalos Día De La Madre

4 gift ideas for Mother's Day.

Are you thinking about what to give for Mother's Day ? Here is a selection of 4 products that can be a good idea to surprise your mother on this special day.

Water boiler

Immerse your mother in the world of tea and infusions! If you have one of those mothers who likes to take care of herself and lead a healthy routine, giving her a Spring kettle , along with a variety of teas or infusions for her to try and choose the ones she likes best, can be a great option.

The consumption of tea and infusions helps to stay hydrated, relaxed and has antioxidant properties with great health benefits. They are drinks that reduce stress, the risk of infections and also many diseases.

At Mellerware you can choose the kettle that best suits your home. We have 3 different colors ( yellow , red and black ) so you can give your mother the one she likes best. Check it out!

Water boiler

ventilation tower

Give something that improves their quality of life ! If you have one of those mothers who teleworks, take care of her and make sure she does it comfortably. With our Brizy Tower ventilation tower , your mother will be able to regulate the temperature , in heat mode when it is cold, and in fan mode when the scorching sun arrives. Both functions in the same device.

The ventilation tower stands out for its latest technology and design. It does not have blades, therefore, it is silent and it also has a touch screen and a remote control that allow you to regulate the temperature as well as program the time you want to heat or ventilate.

Silent Tower Fan

crepe maker

Celebrate Mother's Day with a fun plan! Family moments are the most special and even more so when there is something to celebrate.

Our Slurpy crepe maker is the ideal gift to spend time cooking and laughing with the family. With it you can propose a very fun and creative plan. Also, if you are in one of those families that likes to hang out doing competitions and challenges, this crepe maker is undoubtedly a brilliant idea to challenge the family. Who knows how to make the best crepe ? Find out with our crepe maker!

Here we leave you the necessary ingredients to make a good crepe batter and prepare well for the competition:

For 8 units:

  • 2 eggs
  • Pastry flour (110 g)
  • Milk (240 ml)
  • Sugar (15ml)
  • Salt (2g)

crepe maker

glass blender

If in your family you are more "healthy" and instead of a crepe contest you prefer shakes, we also have the ideal blender to make exquisite mixtures.

Our Mixy mixers are the cane! 1300 watts of power, 1.5 liter capacity, 6 stainless steel blades, ice pick option for slushies and "turbo" mode to mix well any mixture you have in mind.

We have two different colors: stainless steel and black . Which one do you prefer? Choose the one you like best and enjoy Mother's Day with your family and some "healthy" shakes!

glass blender