granos cafe para cafetera automatica

7 reasons to buy (or give) an automatic coffee machine

There is nothing like a good coffee in the morning for breakfast or at any time of the day to regain strength. But if you want a coffee like a cafeteria, without leaving home, you have to havea good coffee pot. The automatic, without a doubt, is among the best.

What do you want a delicious coffee and do not know why you should opt for aautomatic coffee maker? We give you nothing more and nothing less than up to seven reasons to do so. In addition, we invite you to know the Mmmm coffee maker! by Mellerware.

Why should we invest in an automatic coffee machine?

If you are still wondering if you should choose oneautomatic coffee maker or not, we will help you. Discover these seven not inconsiderable reasons. From now on ... you won't want another coffee pot.

1. Coffee from the best coffee shop

Thanks to its professional system, you can make a coffee with aresult as professional as a cafeteria. Suitable for the most demanding when it comes to this type of drink. You'll feel like you've never had such good coffee at home before. With a really impressive flavor and aroma.

2. Adjust the degree of grinding

There are notnothing like freshly ground grainfor a perfect coffee. And it is that although many think that capsule coffee is very good, nothing to do with it. In addition, in this type of coffee machine you canchoose the grain grindingto adjust it to your tastes. An intense or milder coffee depending on the time of day.

3. Cafes for all tastes

Theautomatic coffee machinesThey prepare coffees for all tastes:alone or with milk,macchiato, Cappuccino, gentle, strong... Is there anything better than having that coffee that you like so much and that you can't get at home? Well, if you want something beyond the typical coffee with milk, choose an automatic coffee machine.

4. Self-cleaning function

How these coffee makers arethey clean themselvesAfter each use, you won't have to worry about anything else. In addition, they usually include adescaling programso that you have a new coffee maker like the first day for a long time. And the rest of the removable parts are designed for easy cleaning with just one pass.

5. Super stylish design

If you care a lot about aesthetics, these coffee machines arevery nice. They are not only ideal for placing in thecocina, but also in the living room or in a very special corner of the office. In short, giving a touch of glamor to any space. It is an element that will help you complement the decoration of the place you prefer.

6. It is more environmentally friendly

Coffee makerscapsules are not friendlywith the planet for the large amount of plastic that the expense of capsules supposes. With automatic coffee machines, you are only consuming coffee and nothing else. If you care about the environment, you already know it.

7. It is cheaper in the long run

Although capsule coffee makers tend to be cheaper, they cost more than automatic ones in the long run. This is becausecoffee capsules are not very cheap. If you are to drink more than one coffee a day, the automatic coffee machine will be much more profitable.

Get to know our automatic coffee machine a little more!

As you have already been able to check theautomatic coffee machinesthey are packed with benefits. A dream for lovers of good coffee like you. Among them, you have the Mmmm coffee pot! from Mellerware, a unique model that you will love.

Our super-automatic coffee maker is characterized by being one of the best on the market. A coffee maker as professional as the cafeteria ones and with an affordable price for all budgets.

Besides the price, it has everything to make you fall in love with it. Adjustable grinding degree, heating system for quick coffee, adjustable spout to get the amount you want, digital touch screen and memory to make the coffee you want. We are going to see each of these aspects.

Adjustable grind grain

You can adjust the degree of grinding according to your preferences. For a more intense coffee, the degree of grind should be finer. If, on the other hand, you like your coffee softer, the degree of grind should be coarser. This coffee makergrinds instantlyand the difference is noticeable a lot.

Adjustable spout

Are you one of those who drink coffee in a glass or a cup? Of those who prefer an American coffee or an espresso? TheMellerware cafeteriaIt has an adjustable spout to fit any container, even teas or infusions.

Heating system

Contains aultra fast water heating system by Thermoblock. If you are not familiar with this name, you just have to know that this system is more efficient, cleaner and faster than coffee makers that use a boiler. Leave behind those coffees that get cold quickly and that so little like. Now, even if you are in a hurry to leave, you will no longer have excuses to have that coffee that you like so much.

Up to 19 bars

The bars are used to measure the pressure with which the water heats up and circulates. An automatic coffee maker with 19 bars is as professional as a coffee shop.

With memory

Do you have certain preferences? Do you always make yourself a coffee gentle? Well, don't worry because this coffee maker is so smart thatsave your preferencesfor the next use. Amazing, right? You just have to press the button and voila! You will have your favorite coffee instantly.

A lovely design

Do you love small appliances with elegant designs that match the style of your kitchen? If so, choose this beautiful coffee maker fromminimalist stylethat you can put anywhere in the house. Even in the living room.

Takes up very little space

Are you tired ofhome appliancesthat take up too much space? With this coffee maker you will not have to worry about this problem, since it has such compact dimensions that it adapts to any space. Take note:18x30x40 cm.

Now that you know the advantages ofautomatic coffee maker, Do not miss yours! Of course, choose one with all the quality that you deserve, such as Mellerware. What are you waiting for to try the best coffee of your life?