Apuesta por el ventilador en tu decoración de verano.

Bet on the fan in your summer decoration.

Do you know that he fan Can it be your best ally in decorating your home in summer ? It will help you achieve an open, natural and perfectly ventilated space to spend the hottest days.

Importance of ventilation for the well-being of the home

One of the most important aspects to take into account when preparing our house for the arrival of the hottest months is to make sure that all the pieces have a good ventilation .

We must remember that living in spaces that are not adequately ventilated can be detrimental to our health. It is shown that Air tightness can cause serious respiratory conditions .

For this reason, it is essential that we make sure that all the rooms in our house are conditioned in such a way as to ensure the constant renewal of air .

There are three main types of ventilation.

Natural ventilation

It is what we achieved opening the windows or doors of the room . In this way, an air intake channel is opened from the outside and, with it, the progressive renewal of the air inside.

Crossed ventilation

Cross ventilation is what we do when we simultaneously open windows and doors They are on opposite sides of the room. In this way we create a cross air flow that quickly expands throughout the house.

Forced ventilation

Forced ventilation is one that we achieve through the use of mechanical devices. such as fans or air conditioners. It is the type of ventilation that we use the most in summer, especially on those days when the temperature reaches high levels.

The fan is your best ally for home ventilation in summer

A well-placed appliance in a harmonious way in each room of the home offers great effectiveness in achieving constant air renewal and decrease in temperature inside .

It must be taken into account that the fans have a lower economic cost to that of air conditioning, both in the cost of the appliance and in energy consumption. Therefore, it is not difficult to have one in each room of the house.

Also, fans do not need a complex installation process as required by traditional air conditioners. Keep in mind that ceiling fans are very easy to install.

This type of device also puts in our hands a more ecological and favorable alternative for the care and conservation of the environment . They consume little energy, so they produce fewer polluting gases, which are one of the main causes of climate change.

Four practical ideas for decorating your home with fans

Now you know the advantages that fans offer us to increase the wellness from our house in the summer months. But it is also that the fans are very easy to insert into the set of decorative summer accessories .

In the market there is infinity of models of various colors and shapes. They even increasingly include new features such as insect removal, noise reduction and even smart functions that allow us to save even more on energy costs.

We give you four practical ideas to include these ventilation devices in the summer decoration of your house.


1. Opt for a tower model that suits the decoration of the room or rooms in which you plan to use it.

Tower-shaped fans are an excellent alternative if you are thinking of preserving the aesthetics Of the stay. Our Brizy Tower works as a fan and heater . Therefore, it is a device that you can enjoy throughout the year.

It is a 30 W power model, without blades and with 9 speeds. It has an engine brushless , which ensures a noise-free operation . It is easily controlled through its digital display and the remote control It allows the regulation of temperature, oscillation and operating time.

In addition, it has a design ultramodern and elegant, court minimalist . Perfect to be part of your home decoration.


2. If you are one of those who prefers traditional models , you can choose one that combines harmoniously with the rest of your decoration and that also offers you benefits such as the possibility of regulating the air flow, stability and security .

Our Brizy Stand model has a power of 50 W and three speeds. It has aluminum finishes that give it great stability, as well as an elegant and robust appearance . Its 5 aluminum blades have a diameter that ensures a very efficient flow of fresh air.

It is available in black and white. Its round base provides great stability and, therefore, a lot of security.


3. If you are looking for a more discreet device To place it in certain places in your home, such as studies or work tables, opt for a desktop model. They are perfect for giving freshness to a certain point without breaking the aesthetics of the room.

The Brizy Circle model has 35 W of power and can be regulated in three different speeds . With its metallic finishes, it offers us a model with a design of great elegance in white or black. It has 5 blades with a diameter that makes possible a maximum flow of highly effective freshness.

Although they can be placed on a table or piece of furniture, the power and homogeneity of the air they produce allows the air conditioning of the entire room in which they are located.

It also has a round base that guarantees the stability and safety of the device.


4. Are you looking for a model that can be used in any room? It is best to choose a portable model designed for a easy transportation and have a design versatile easy to integrate into the decoration of all rooms in your home.

The Air Power 30 model is your best option. You can find it in two colors: black and white. It has 35 W of power and three blades that guarantee great freshness efficiently .

It can be regulated in three speeds depending on the freshness we need. Count with one design compact for easy adaptation to any corner of the house and its transportation and placement.

Think no more. guarantees a ventilated and pleasant space choosing a fan from MELLERWARE.