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How to make (well) a homemade cappuccino (with and without a machine)

Know how to make the perfect cappuccino in your house? Don't worry, you don't need to be an Italian coffee expert, because you surely have the ingredients at your fingertips and the process is very simple. You just need to know the secrets of coffee lovers (like us), and you will see that your cappuccino will be the best!

The important thing is, don't forget, the essence of its origin. No, it's not Italy, but Vienna. Everything seems to indicate that it was when the Viennese won the battle of Vienna and the Ottomans were forced to leave the city that they left behind their sacks of coffee. The Viennese brewed coffee, but found its taste too strong and softened it with a mixture of cream and honey. Well, it is not exactly the current cappuccino recipe that, like our tastes and fashions, has changed over time, perfecting the recipe, which is what we present here.

To the mess! Step by step to make homemade cappuccino

Don't worry about the ingredients, we're going to give you a couple of tricks if you don't have them all at hand.


- Normal or decaffeinated espresso coffee.

- Milk.

- Optional: powdered or grated chocolate, cinnamon or cocoa without sugar.

- Sugar to taste.

- Milk creamer, mixer or hand foamer.

Step by step: Marching a cappuccino!

  1. foam the milk. If you don't have the creamer, mixer or skimmer, do not worry. You can use cold milk from the fridge, put it in a glass jar with a lid or a shaker and shake vigorously for about half a minute.
  2. Put the milk in the microwave for about 20 seconds at maximum power.a and you will see that the foam stays on top and the milk below. You can also do this on the stove, but, of course, the temperature is more difficult to control.
  3. While you get the milk ready, prepare your espresso. To do this, we recommend using a special coffee maker to make espresso, since this coffee can only be made with coffee machines that work at 15-20 bar pressure. This is how you get that foam on top that characterizes this type of coffee so much.
  4. Pour the milk preparation slowly into the cup, and then the coffee. You will see that it sinks under its own weight. You can also do it the other way around, first the coffee and then the milk, but then it won't work as well as you'll have too much coffee on the bottom and it won't mix as much with the milk. In any case, the important thing is that you pour it slowly.
  5. Sprinkle the top layer as you have decided, with chocolate, cocoa or cinnamon.
  6. If you like sweet coffee, put sugar, stevia or sweetener...or do you want to try it "old fashioned", with honey? It is very good for the throat.
  7. Finally, you can sprinkle it with cocoa powder or ground cinnamon, adds smell and visually it will look super professional.
paso a paso capuchino

How to make cappuccino without a machine: the secret!

Shhh... don't tell anyone our trick to make cappuccino without a machine. You save the bar and the coffee maker. Keep in mind that the secret of a good cappuccino is in the quality of the espresso. Pulling it off without the machine is a challenge, but here are the rest of the keys:

- Water. We recommend that you have as little mineralization as possible. It is likely that the one from the faucet in your house is too alkaline (too "hard"). Then it's worth buying a bottle of weakly mineralized water, if only for coffee.

- quality coffee. It doesn't have to be your typical barista. Experiment with the different varieties of coffee and discover which one has the aroma that you like the most.

- freshly ground coffee. Something that all coffee growers agree on is that freshly ground coffee tastes better. Consider buying a coffee grinder (it can also be used to grind other things, such as sugar or nuts) and buy the coffee beans. Remember to grind them at the time of preparing the coffee.

Option A: filter coffee

Don't have any kind of coffee machine? Get some paper filters for drip coffee makers and a strainer. Slowly pour the water over the coffee filter. Remember that it is important that the coffee is hot at 90 degrees. Colder it will be very loose and hotter... you know, boiled coffee, lost coffee.

Option B: instant coffee

Yes, we know... After talking so much about the types of coffee, about freshly ground coffee, we give you this last option. There is also a wide variety of soluble coffees, discover the option that you like the most. The label "strong" or "intense" does not always indicate that this coffee is better for making an espresso, because you can also simply use more. Remember that the temperature of the water must also be about 90 degrees.

capuchino hecho en casa

Our definitive tricks so that your cappuccino comes out perfect

Whether with or without a machine, so that you have a divine cappuccino follow these tips:

- Pour the milk slowly. Thus, you will achieve that the foam remains at the end. It won't change the taste, but the look will be irresistible. What if you tried to make drawings with the final phase of milk, the foam? Well, first practice a little.

- It is true that cappuccino is better with espresso-type coffee. Not only because of the intensity of the flavor, which, as we have seen, you can achieve with other types of coffee. The issue is the creamy surface that is achieved in the espresso. As we have indicated, this is achieved thanks to the fact that these coffee machines work with 15-20 bar pressure. You can achieve this effect with some types of soluble coffee, but you will need to have the water very hot, put enough coffee load and, therefore, stir well.

Have you tried it? Isn't it amazing? Now you know how to make a cappuccino at home, discover what types of coffee are best with your perfect cappuccino, how to sweeten it... and do not forget to try it with our coffee machines. With them we take our best cappuccinos!