Café con Leche

How to get the perfect coffee with a milk frother.

Getting a frothy coffee doesn't have to be exclusive to coffee shops and coffee masters. You don't even need a coffee machine with the latest technologies for it. You can easily achieve this at home with a French press coffee maker, a milk frother or in the microwave. The second method (with a skimmer) is the easiest and with which you will get the best results, but we will tell you how to achieve it.

Choose the most suitable milk.

Do you want to get a frothy coffee that can support the weight of a cookie? It's possible! But first you have to understand well all the factors that influence the creation of foam in milk.

The main components of milk are those that have exactly the chemical composition to prepare the foam in coffee. The proportion of milk nutrients are (may vary by manufacturer):

87% water

3% protein

3% fat

5% lactose

This ratio is ideal, so we recommend using whole milk, not skimmed or semi-skimmed. Also lactose free.

And, of the whole cow's milk, the best is the fresh milk with a high fat content . So is the raw milk with 5% fat .

if you use vegetable milk , the fact of not having lactose can mean that the result is not so perfect, so make sure that it does comply with the proportion in the rest of the components. The almond milk seems to be the one that best meets this requirement, although there are special vegetable milks for coffee they also comply.

This is due to a physicochemical effect called emulsion: To make the foam last longer, certain proteins and fat molecules act as emulsifiers . Emulsifiers cause immiscible substances like fat and water to bind together naturally. This is what prevents the bubbles you generate from disintegrating. If there is little fat, the foam will not have a support that acts against gravity.

Coffee with milk

5 methods to make coffee with foam in your kitchen.

The most effective of the methods is to use a milk frother. But you can try the following:

  • Making a foamy coffee with a French press coffee maker: Put hot milk in the coffee pot and move the plunger up and down energetically until you get the milk foam. You will see that it is very creamy.
  • Make the foam with an electric or hand mixer: once you have the hot milk, put it in the blender glass and beat it. Start with a slow speed first, because since the milk is very liquid, it is easy for it to splatter. You can do it by covering the container with paper film , leaving only one hole open for the blender arm.
  • Use a manual mixer : to do this, heat the milk in a large container, without reaching 70 ºC. Beat it vigorously by hand, until you make sure there is enough foam.
  • Making the foam in a microwave: Pour the milk into a jar with a lid. Cover and shake vigorously until you see foam form. Put the jar without the lid in the microwave and heat it up.

The best technique: use an automatic skimmer

The above techniques may turn out to be not so good. Perhaps, at first, the foam may seem perfect to you, but it does not last. This is due to one of the factors that we have explained above; the air. You need the mechanical conditions and the speed necessary to achieve small and long-lasting bubbles.

get a electric milk frother It is the best way without spending a lot of money. And it can be used to create foam in other drinks, such as smoothies or cocoa.

    Coffee with milk

    Types of coffee with foam:

    • Cappuccino : prepares 30 ml of coffee. Add the foam of 120 ml of milk and decorate with unsweetened natural cocoa.
    • Coffee macchiato : prepare 25-50 ml of espresso (depends if you want it normal or double) and add the foam of 15 ml of milk.
    • Coffee latte macchiato : prepare 25 ml of espresso and add froth of 100 ml of milk.
    • Coffee latte : prepare 30 ml of espresso and add the foam of 210 ml of milk.
    • mocha coffee: prepare an espresso or black coffee as you prefer. Mix it with two teaspoons of cocoa. Add foam of the amount you want of milk. You can decorate with chocolate syrup, being careful not to sink the foam.

    Mellerware skimmers.

    If you want an easy, durable and also economical frother, try the innovative frothers of Mellerware . They can be used with both hot and cold milk, and with the type of milk you prefer, even skimmed or vegetable. And you will always get a perfect and durable foam. Also, like all other Mellerware products, the frother is made of the highest quality materials, such as stainless steel.

    So, if you love coffee, milkshakes or foamed cocoa and don't want to give up the type of milk you like the most, don't hesitate. The Mellerware milk frother is made for you!