Consejos para mantener tu cocina ordenada y limpia.

Tips to keep your kitchen tidy and clean.

The cleaning In a kitchen it is essential to make it look neat and perfect. In this article we are going to give you the best advice so that you can maintain the order in this room of the house where we spend so much time. Remember that in this place of your home a lot of waste and bacteria can be generated, you have to always have it ready. Let's start!

Tips to better organize the kitchen

Do you want to get a good kitchen tidy ? Perfect, keep reading to have all the keys so that when guests arrive they ask you how you do it.

A clean kitchen is synonymous with an orderly life.

Let's start with the most important thing: cleanliness. In this room of the house a lot of dirt can accumulate. We are constantly using things or foods that stain and for this reason, we are going to recommend 3 Mellerware products you won't want to stop using:

  1. Robot vacuum cleaners : with a Vacuum cleaner robot like the Tidy Gyro or the Tidy Random, you will ensure that dirt and dust do not accumulate on the floor without worrying about it. You can program them so that they happen every day at the time you want, and do you know the best? You won't even have to be at home!
  2. Handheld vacuum cleaners : For cabinets, the best option is a handheld vacuum cleaner like the Mellerware Handy . Thus, you can reach all corners of the kitchen without problem and without much effort. Remember that in the kitchen things can always fall through the cabinets or the pantry, so to keep it tidy you will have to pass this element 1 or 2 times a week. In addition, it can also be very useful for areas of the countertop that you are interested in vacuuming.
  3. Hand steamer : for the greasy areas your best friend will be the Mellerware Fush Hand Steamer . With this appliance you will not have to worry about accumulated fat again, you can plug it in and hit it without problem. What used to take you a lot of time won't take more than 10 minutes!


Place items on the counter

Instead of having everything above the counter, it is best to choose to place different areas to keep your things close at hand. We will give you some examples below.

  • Spice rack: If you are one of those people who use a lot of spices and never know where to put the jars, we recommend that you buy a stainless steel spice rack to hang on the wall or even to place on the counter. Thus, you can have everything at hand and visually it will look much more orderly.
  • Cleaning area: To place items such as the scourer, or the grease remover, you can choose to put a small area next to the sink where you can place everything. There are very nice elements that will surely match the style you have in the kitchen.
  • Food Jars – Mason jars can be a great idea if you want to keep food in plain view. Forget about the plastic packages that are sold in supermarkets and start organizing your pantry in this way. You can put labels on it to make it look better and thus, know what everything is, we do not want you to confuse salt with sugar.

furniture organizers

Sometimes we all fall into the same mistake: accumulate things Surely you have a lot of utensils scattered around different cabinets in your kitchen. What can you do? Buy organizers , so you will get more things and the ones you already have will be much more organized.

We recommend that before doing so, you pass your Handy handheld vacuum cleaner , so you can organize at the moment. First cleaning and then order.

hang utensils

It's complicated put away utensils larger ones in the drawers, they tend to get out of place and in the end everything is very messy. To avoid this, the best thing you can do is place a bar on which you can hang them above the area where you cook. You will have them at hand, they will look good aesthetically and they will not be messy in the drawers.


Have a small waste container

Like we have already said, cleanliness is the foundation of any well-ordered kitchen. For this reason, we recommend that in addition to the garbage you have a small bucket or container to throw away the waste that you may generate.

In this way you achieve two things: that the remains do not accumulate when you are doing something in the kitchen; and also that you do not go with all that waste throughout the kitchen to get to the main bucket.

Tips to keep your kitchen cleaner than ever

Now we are going to give you some tips so that your kitchen stays clean.

  • Have a damp cloth handy : in the kitchen there are many things that can spill, do not let them dry, since it will cost much more to remove them later. Always have a damp cloth on hand with which to solve these setbacks that may arise while cooking.
  • Clean things up as soon as they fall : this is the best advice we can give you. Have you dropped a few crumbs on the floor? Grab your Handy handheld vacuum and clean them fast. In this way you will not pass over what you have dropped and you will ensure that everything is kept in perfect condition.
  • Clean the sink well : A lot of dirt passes through the sink, and it is essential to disinfect it correctly. From time to time we recommend that you unclog it, so that in the future you will not have problems with this. Every time you finish using it, scrub it as if it were another pot.
  • Use the right products : remember that many bacteria can accumulate in the kitchen, so you must be careful and use cleaning products that are suitable. You must disinfect, but with elements that cannot poison the food that you are going to cook or cut on the surfaces of your room.


Now you know the cleaning tips so that your kitchen is perfect every day. Remember that Mellerware products are your best allies to get every corner spotless.