Consejos y recomendaciones si estás de mudanza.

Tips and recommendations if you are moving.

When we are faced with a moving process , we are usually overwhelmed and stressed. Moving all our belongings to a new house is not an easy task and requires great organization. In today's blog we give you some tips to make your move easier.

Planning is the key to efficiency

Following some planning guidelines is essential to avoid disorder and waste of time during your transfer. So start by taking a piece of paper, and make a list of all the things you have to do. Second, put this list in order and estimate how long each task will take you. In this way, you will have a more approximate idea of ​​the time you are going to need and, therefore, you will know how to organize yourself much better.

Having each of your movements thought out in advance will undoubtedly save you a lot of stress and will mean fewer headaches. In addition, it will be very useful for any unforeseen event that may arise.

cleaning in the new house

First of all, if your new apartment or house needs some repairs or adjustments before you can move in, do not hesitate to carry them out. These will be much easier for you to do sooner than later, since you will be able to maneuver in a completely clear space.

vacuum cleaner_rider_pro

On the other hand, it is essential to have a good vacuum cleaner since moving involves raising a large amount of dust. The Mellerware Rider Pro Broom Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for thorough cleaning and that is why we recommend it if you are going to move. It has the advantage that it does not use cables, so you can move freely and clean the entire place without having to get tangled up in boxes and furniture. In addition, you will not have to worry about the battery since the vacuum cleaner has up to 1 hour of autonomy approx. and whenever you don't use it, you can leave it charging.

Hire the moving service with enough time in advance

We must remember that not all services are the same, nor is it just about hiring a moving truck . When choosing a company for this, you need to make sure that it is a reliable company with good references. Make sure that your staff are responsible and experienced, to prevent anything from being lost or damaged during the move.

If you need to move large furniture , make sure that the truck you hire is the right one. In addition, you should think about conditions such as the presence or absence of an elevator or the size of the landings when moving furniture. It seems obvious, but many people suffer delays, inconvenience and surcharges for not taking this into account and finding, very late, that their furniture does not fit through the door of the building or does not turn on the landing to be able to bring it into the house.

Clean before packing

It is an excellent idea not to mix the different processes that a transfer of residence requires . When we are immersed in this process, it is often time to clean and get rid of objects and belongings that we have accumulated over time but that we no longer want to use.

This cleaning should be part of any change of residence, since it is unnecessary to bring objects that you no longer want to use. For that, it is highly recommended to review beforehand what you want to take and what you don't, instead of waiting for the moment when you are going to put everything in the boxes.

If you have already done this cleaning previously and with organization, you will see how the packing process will be much easier for you and you will achieve it in less time. In addition, you can save money on the transfer. Remember that the space you need in the truck will cost you more or less money.

Organize a good packing plan

Pack everything in a well-classified way and mark each of the boxes on the outside. One tip is that you mark them with the name of the room where you want to place those objects in the new house. In this way, unpacking and organizing everything will be easier for you. Also, put a short list of the objects inside.


A good idea is to start with those spaces that you use the least. When you have packed everything that was inside those rooms, you can turn them into storage for the rest of the boxes. Thus, all the boxes that you are packing in the rest of the rooms can be placed there, so that they do not get in the way and you have an order of everything that you have already packed.

Finally, try not to fill the moving boxes too much , to avoid accidents during the transfer. Use small boxes for heavier items, and use large boxes for lighter items.

The big day

When the day comes to move everything from one place to another, do things calmly, without rushing. We know that this process can be exhausting, but not rushing will help all your planning to be a success and the entire process to go smoothly.

A good idea is to bring things like phone chargers, toiletries, snacks, and drinks in separate packaging so they can be on hand and available throughout the process.

Starting your life in a new home

When you move, it is very likely that you have left behind furniture and appliances that you no longer use or do not serve you because they are old, do not work or no longer fit with the design of your new home. From Mellerware we have some of the essential products that can be very useful to start your new life.

To ensure that your house does not stop shining like the first day you entered, in addition to the Rider Pro vacuum cleaner , recommended above, we also suggest that once installed in your new home, you relax a bit and start investing in electrical appliances that save you time and work.

Our Tidy Random and Tidy Gyro robot vacuum cleaners (with Wi-Fi) are the best solution for you to forget about cleaning and mopping the floor daily. They do it for you and you can control them by remote control or through an App. This state-of-the-art technology detects obstacles, avoids falls, goes around objects, climbs carpets, slows down before hitting the wall and furniture, and returns alone. to its charging base. In short, you don't have to worry about anything, the robot goes by itself.


There are also other heavy tasks that we recommend you leave behind in your new life, such as cooking every day. Forget about cooking so much and leaving the kitchen in a circus. We recommend you try our Crunchy oil-free fryers . Cook any dish without leaving a single stain in the kitchen. Choose the size that best suits you and make your usual recipes but in less time, without making a mess and in a much healthier way. In addition, we have a recipe book with which you can be inspired and make new recipes that you would never think could be made so easily in an oil-free fryer like ours.


Finally, we know that when one enters a new home, it gradually takes shape. But from day 1, there are fundamental needs such as being able to make a good breakfast, which with Mellerware you can easily solve. Discover our Crispy toasters , Juicy juicers and Spring kettles and have your good breakfast. We have a good variety of colors in black, red and yellow, as well as modern designs that can perfectly match your new kitchen.