Descubre las novedades de Mellerware.

Discover what's new from Mellerware.

do you need one electric grill to surprise your guests? Perhaps it is time to renew certain appliances in your kitchen in order to achieve faster and healthier preparations. Therefore, you have to see all the news that this season brings you Mellerware to make cooking easier for you.

1. Grill Digital Hotty

If you like to cook quickly, our Grill Hotty Digital It will surprise you. With it, you can make almost anything, from meat, fish and vegetables to everything you can imagine. East  grill digital It is characterized by its non-stick plates and a power of 2000W.

So that you can cook meat and vegetables as you like, this grill gives you the facility to regulate each of its plates at the temperature you want. Thus, you have the possibility of cooking several foods at the same time with the heat that each one needs.


East grill stands out for its practical use. You can take it to the table or deposit it anywhere in your kitchen. In addition, its 180º opening allows adequate space for sharing and for diners to be able to help themselves to freshly made food.

Another of its advantages is how simply it can be washed. You will be able to extract each one of its plates and put them in the dishwasher . In addition, in its removable tray, it will be very easy for you to remove the fat. You will know that you are eating a healthy diet because this electric grill allows you to remove excess fat from your food.

Finally, it should be noted that this digital grill also has 5 predefined menus that will allow you to enjoy the food without having to keep an eye on it throughout the cooking process.

2. Fryer without oil

The oil free fryer It has become one of the most demanded kitchen products because, through it, you can enjoy delicious food without any fat. Mellerware offers you two new items that you cannot miss this season.

Crunchy Medium Digital

you can find the oil free fryer Crunchy Medium Digital in two colors: black and white. It allows you to reduce the oil that you usually use in a common fryer up to 85%. This way, you can eat just as delicious as always, but with much less fat.


Its cooking system is very advanced. move hot air so that it manages to fry all the food in a homogeneous way. You can do everything you need in this state-of-the -art fryer : meat, fish, vegetables, potatoes, etc. It preserves all the flavor offering you a very crunchy texture.

It has a digital screen, where you can regulate the temperature from 80 to 200 degrees Celsius. You just have to choose the most suitable menu for what you want to cook. how do you have one 3.5 liter capacity , offers you many options.

It is also necessary to highlight elegant design , which is not at all reminiscent of the fryers of a lifetime. It is compact and, with its rounded shape, allows you to add a sophisticated touch to your kitchen. Its neutral tones mean that we can combine it perfectly with the decoration and the rest of the furniture.

Among its benefits is the Easy cleaning , since you can put the basket in the dishwasher. As you can see, everything is comfort so you can enjoy a healthy meal.

Crunchy Medium

The fryer version Crunchy Medium It is available in black. Its use is manual, which makes it a fairly simple option. You will also save up to 85% of oil and you will be able to considerably reduce fat consumption.


Has a power of 1000 W , so it is a fairly fast appliance for cooking food. You can cook almost anything you want, from fish to meat, as well as vegetables.

It allows you regulate the temperature easily to achieve that softness you are looking for. At the same time, it gives the food a crispy coating on the outside. It is designed for the food of 2 to 3 people with its capacity of 3.5 liters.

It is easy to wash and also allows you to put your basket in the dishwasher so you can use it again quickly. Its timer has a maximum duration of 30 minutes. This fryer , due to its elegant design, will look perfectly in your kitchen.

3. Spring Basic Kettle

You have to know the water boiler Spring Basic . In it, you can heat up to 1.7 liters of water. It is made with top quality materials. The glass is from borosilicate and guarantees a long duration.

Among its features is the function of auto-off , which is activated by the water indicator, which you can distinguish with the led. It is not necessary that you are constantly watching it, because its intelligent system can detect if it does not have water and disconnect its power, which reaches 2200W .


As you can see, thanks to its great power, you will be able to heat liquid in just 3 minutes . It is an appliance made for those who do not like to wait or spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

You can easily separate the jug from the base. In this, you find the cable, which is used to connect it to the electric current. When serving, its completely autonomous jug makes things easier for you. You can take it to the table without problems.

Other advantages it offers are its water filter , to give you greater security, as well as a anti-drip system which allows you to keep your space clean. In addition, we must add its resistance to possible blows. Nor should you worry about it staining or changing the flavor of subsequent preparations. All this is possible because it is BPA free .

It heats up to 100 degrees Celsius and has a non-slip base so there are no accidents in your kitchen. You do not need to be careful when touching it, since, despite the fact that its water is hot, the outside stays completely cold .

These are some examples of products that you can find in the store, from a electric grill with functions of grill to oil-free fryers . Now, kitchen items, in addition to being more practical, are elegant. In Mellerware , you have the latest of the season!