¡Descubre los productos más vendidos!

Discover the best selling products!

In today's blog we present our star products . The most irresistible and requested by our buyers. Those who stand out and who we call “stars”, for their success in making people's lives more comfortable and easier .

As we well know, much of our time we live stressed. Reaching "everything we set out to do" in our day-to-day life is usually a rather complicated and even utopian challenge. Working, keeping a clean home, eating a healthy diet and fulfilling all our responsibilities is not an easy task, and even more so when family is involved.

At Mellerware , we have a wide range of high-quality products in: air conditioning, cleaning, cooking, personal care and even pets. All of them designed to speed up your tasks and make your life easier, more comfortable and more pleasant.

Below we reveal, first-hand, our most outstanding products:

Crunchy Oil Free Fryer

Preparing healthy food, in a short time and without turning the kitchen upside down, is now possible with our Crunchy oil-free fryer.

1230W of power, temperature 80-200ºC, 1.5L capacity, dishwasher -safe basket, digital touch screen and 7 different predefined menus.

If you haven't taken a look yet, you're already taking time! And not only because of the quality that the product has, but also because of its beautiful and modern design in white, black or electric blue, so that you can combine it with your kitchen as you prefer. photos_crunchy_small_mellerware As if that were not enough, we also have a recipe book so you can get the most out of your fryer. In it you can find a wide variety of different recipes: starters, main courses, desserts, breakfasts and snacks, all of them with their corresponding ingredients and portions, easy to adapt to the small fryer and, of course, with all the necessary steps,! so that you can embroider your recipes and that they are delicious!

All this, in addition, at a very affordable and truly profitable price , compared to any other fryer without oil on the market.

Brizy ceiling fans

The arrival of summer and, above all, global warming, are the main causes of the permanent scorching temperatures and unexpected heat waves that we suffer and will suffer more intensely in the future.

To take care of the well-being and health of the people who live in your home, it is essential to take the necessary measures to keep your space at a stable and pleasant temperature. Our Brizy ceiling fans are undoubtedly another of our most demanded and valued products by our customers.

We have 2 different ranges of ceiling fans:

1- Brizy ceiling fans . With 45W DC motor, 6 different speeds, 3 blades, remote control, timer and summer and winter function.

ceiling_fans_brizy_mellerware 2- Brizy Bright ceiling fans. These fans are the same as the Brizy, but with an integrated led light, ideal for illuminating the room.

Now that you know all our ceiling fans, do not hesitate to add one if you need it. Also, if you have fallen in love and want to buy more than one, do not forget that we also offer packs of two units at irresistible prices. Discover them!

Tidy Random and Tidy Gyro Robot Vacuums

We know that cleaning the floor at home can be one of the least appetizing tasks, and why not buy a robot that will do it all for you?

From Mellerware we are aware of this trend and we have not let it escape. That is why we have opted to get the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market , with the best quality so that you literally do not have to do anything and forget to sweep, vacuum and scrub completely! robot_vacuum_mellerware Both models with 1400Pa of suction, 160 minutes of autonomy, scrubbing capacity of more than 150 m2 and also specially designed for pets.

The difference between the two is that the Tidy Random Robot Vacuum Cleaner works with a remote control while, for the more technological, the Tidy Gyro has the multiple remote control function and App included.

Which one do you prefer?

Smooth and Mixy blenders

Finally, we can't end without mentioning our mixers!

On the one hand, we have our Smooth blender, available in three different colors. This option is the most practical since it is a compact blender, with 1000W of power and very efficient since, in addition to the delicious shakes it produces, it is very easy to handle, wash and store.

The blender includes two plastic cups of different sizes with their corresponding lids, so you can make your shakes to measure and use the same glass both for blending, and to take it with the lid and drink it.

Among its qualities, it is also worth noting its double blade system (extractors and milling), which are responsible for extracting the nutrients from food to the maximum, while breaking down the toughest skins and dry foods, such as nuts or seeds. .

Choose your colour: smooth_mellerware On the other hand, we also have our Mixy blenders in black or stainless steel . This is a very powerful blender with larger dimensions, multiple functionalities, and is recommended if you want to make more sophisticated and larger-quantity mixes.

With our Mixy you can do everything!

1300W of power, 1.5L capacity, 6 stainless steel blades, ice pick option and 2 different speeds plus TURBO function.

In the following image you can see the two models, but we recommend you see the blender in action: Click on this link! mixy_mellerware