Diferencia entre batidora y licuadora: ¿Cuál es mejor para mi día a día?

Difference between mixer and blender: Which is better for my day to day?

The differences between a mixer and a blender are not always clear . Therefore, to clear up your doubts, we present here the functions of both devices and how you can use them for your benefit. Once you understand its functions better, you will surely be encouraged to buy the most convenient one for you and your family.

Blenders : functions and uses

Let's start by looking at what blenders are and how they are used. As it is intuited by its name, with them you can prepare smoothies. Ideas of fruit shakes with milk come to mind and, even, for those with a sweet tooth, chocolate or vanilla.

Basically, the blender allows you to make many very healthy preparations . Also some whims, that we can give ourselves from time to time.

First of all, let's learn to physically distinguish a blender . This consists of a motor at the base and a long glass, which can be made of glass or plastic, where we will put the products to be crushed.

By means of a blade (which we can activate with the speed that best suits us), we manage to grind the food, mixing it evenly until we get a thick texture. If you prepare a smoothie from time to time, you will know what we are talking about.

Thanks to this utensil, you have the opportunity to create smoothies with all the properties of the fruit . Since the pulp of the fruit will not be lost at any time, you will ingest all the vitamins it presents.

Blenders: functions and uses

Regarding blenders , we can find from the simplest, which have one or two easily distinguishable propellers , to the most complex, made up of a centrifuge and a presser. These have the function of separating the aqueous part from the solid, especially in fruit and vegetables.

With simple devices, you will only need a glass wide enough to adequately move the propellers. The trick to not dirty the entire kitchen is to start blending from the top down. If you do it backwards, the contents of the glass may be thrown everywhere.

In the case of the most complex blenders , in which you always have the option to see their instructions, it will not be so difficult for you to distinguish where the liquid and the solid parts will remain, which you will end up discarding.

For children who hate pieces or pulp , the smoothie can be a solution for them to eat fruit and vegetables, although the difference with respect to the smoothie is quite large.

What is the difference between blending and beating?

We have already advanced some of the most obvious differences between the two kitchen appliances. The most significant is that, while the blender crushes and mixes all the components of a certain food, the blender divides between the liquid and the solid .

But there are more points to take into account when using one device or another. On the one hand, the blender may be easier to use , as long as you choose a basic model of propellers. Still, if you want to completely separate the pulp from the liquid, you may need a strainer to remove any bits that may remain. Obviously, this does not happen with the most complex devices, where the separation is total.

On the other hand, the blender is differentiated by its glass , which is placed on a base. The operation is as simple as filling the glass with your favorite foods and choosing the mixing power , depending on your taste. This way you will be able to make the long-awaited smoothie. As you can see, it is very easy to handle. In the end, the difference between the devices is easy to appreciate.

Another thing is the results they offer us. The blender, suitable for watery fruit and vegetables , gives us the closest thing to a juice, free of solid elements. For its part, the mixer allows us to preserve all the properties of the food, since it maintains the pulp of these. Use it to prepare a thick liquid to your liking. You will not only be able to obtain delicious smoothies , but also sauces for your savory dishes, which you can finish cooking in the pan or pot.

Now, you just have to see which of the two devices is best for your usual menus and diets. In order to orient yourself towards one or the other, you should examine what you are looking for from both and what they can offer you.

Which one is the best for me?

When buying a mixer or blender, it is necessary to know how crucial they will be for our day to day. If we seek to preserve all the properties of certain foods, the blender will be our solution.

The blender is not only limited to shakes that, to be honest, will help us to enjoy in moments of maximum heat, especially if we manage to make them very refreshing. We can also create sauces and even delicious vegetable purees . Obviously, with this utensil, we will take the initial step to make our preparation, before putting it on the fire.

With the blender we can also get a gazpacho with all its properties . To do this, we will choose the point of thickness that we want. Also different masses for the realization of biscuits or cookies , for example, can be carried out in a blender .

For its part, the blender, in addition to creating juices without pulp , provides us with the snow point of the egg white , as long as we use one with propellers. In summer, it can be used to make the base of some delicious popsicles, after extracting the juice from different pieces of fruit.

Whether you want to quickly whip up a lot of eggs or want to impress with a homemade mayonnaise , the blender's propellers will help you achieve the texture you need.

Now that you know how you can use both devices, it's up to you to choose the best one for your daily meals. Although you can always count on both, if you have not yet decided on only one.

You already know the differences between a mixer and a blender . You can make everything from a milkshake to a juice through a delicious cake or a homemade mayonnaise. You can get many benefits from both devices.