Los mejores tips para planchar camisas.

The best tips for ironing shirts.

At Mellerware we are always looking for ways to improve our products and make our customers' lives easier. That's why we're excited to introduce our new Steezy Board ironing board.

Ironing board " Steezy Board ", everything you need to know about it.

The new board " Steezy Board " It has arrived to solve all your problems when it comes to ironing clothes. Like the rest of our products, it has an extraordinary quality at a very competitive price. Get it now for €38!

Among its most notable qualities, is a ironing surface 110 x 32.5 cm . This represents a support board of great dimensions, perfect for work with comfort and space . You can iron any type of clothing, whatever volume it may have.

Also offers three height positions: 80 cm / 85 cm / 90 cm . In this way, you can regulate the position that is most comfortable for you to carry out this task. As if that were not enough, it offers total stability thanks to its extra thick legs You will no longer be afraid, wondering if the board will give way to the weight of the clothes or to the force you exert while ironing.


presents a very functional and discreet design. Its black color makes it attractive for all audiences and the subtle white polka dot print gives it an original touch to iron in a pleasant environment.

At the same time, the Cover is 100% cotton , which provides excellent garment care. It is also heat-resistant and prevents steam condensation. In addition, the table is compact, ideal for houses with little space. It is light and manageable, so you can move it and store it easily.

The best tips to achieve impeccable ironing of your shirts

Before ironing you should consider some necessary aspects, such as having the ceramic surface of the iron cleans so that, when ironing, you do not stain the clothes. You also have to check that the water tank is full so that steam can be generated.

From here, we mention 5 tips essential to iron a shirt impeccably.

1. Unbutton the shirt

Shirts are always ironed unbuttoned and you have to start with the most rigid parts , which are the neck and the fists . When these parts are ready, they will hardly wrinkle, so you can continue with the other parts of the shirt.

2. Iron the shoulders and upper back

With the help of the shape of the table, you must place the shirt with the button part in front of you, introducing the sleeve in the narrowest part of it to give firmness to the shoulder of the shirt and iron it more easily.

Once the shoulders are done, you have to turn the shirt and put the back in front of you, with the neck facing the narrowest part of the table. You have to spread the garment well, so that it stays as smooth as possible, and iron firmly to avoid any wrinkles.

3. The arms

The shirt arm should be extended, with the fist pointing toward the narrowest part of the board. You have to move the iron firmly, from right to left, without ironing the edges to avoid leaving marks.

Be very careful with the buttons! You should never pass the iron over them to prevent them from melting and damaging the garment.

4. Iron the body of the shirt

Finally, it only remains the body . Take the buttonhole front of the shirt and lay it out on the table, leaving the collar on the narrower side. If the back of the shirt is pleated, use your fingers to spread out the area to prevent wrinkles from forming.

5. Perfect the details

Always keep your shirt on a hanger , so you will avoid wrinkling as much as possible and the result of ironing will be more durable. Apart from using our Steezy Board, we also recommend our steam iron " Steezy ". With it, the ironing results will be optimal and you will not need sprayers to moisten the clothes.


This steam iron has a power of 3000 W, so effective that there is no wrinkle that can resist it. In addition, it is from rapid heating (less than a minute), so you don't have to wait for anything. On the other hand, he manages to expel a steam jet of 180 g/min and a continuous steam 45 g/min. With this power, the results in the fabrics are unbeatable, as if you had gone to the dry cleaners.

have a ceramic sole with a high power nonstick and easy sliding through the fabric. without forgetting the precision tip indicated to reach the most complicated points, such as folds or corners. The Steezy iron also has a regulator to activate or deactivate the steam if you need dry iron .

As last features to highlight, it houses a limescale filter that prolongs the useful life of the steam iron thanks to a purer water. Have a anti-drip system to prevent drops from appearing on the soleplate during ironing and staining the garment. Finally, the self-clean function It will leave the inside of the iron clean so that it lasts in perfect condition for longer.

Have we convinced you?

Once we have talked about the Steezy Board ironing board and the Steezy steam iron , don't you think they are the best combination to get impeccable ironing on your shirts and any other clothing?. With these two products, you will achieve an optimal result in your garments every day. Say goodbye to dry cleaning , because you already have it at home at an unbeatable price. Unbeatable quality at the best market price.