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Popcorn without oil, it is now possible with Crunchy (recipe without oil)

Eating popcorn is always a good plan. Now, if we add incentives such as blanket, sofa and movie, they become thesnack essentialof any home. Also, if we say other words to you likecinema, pajamas or sunday, the crispy and tasty popcorn comes to mind in a hopeless way. Imagine or add to these circumstances the fact of tasting this aperitif in a healthy way. As well,popcorn without oilthey offer you that possibility.

So why not give a gift oil-free fryerfor that healthy popcorn to become a reality?

What do I need to make popcorn without oil?

  • 100g of corn kernels
  • Salt to taste)

To prepare these healthy popcorn, we are only going to need100 grams of corn kernels, a little salt and theCrunchy oil-free fryer. Also a couple of minutes, which is just the time it will take to make this appetizer that no one can resist.

As you see, only two ingredients are needed to taste this snack.In addition, they will be just as crispy as if we had used a little oil. As if all this weren't enough, making popcorn in this type of fryer meansdo not run the risk of burning them. We will therefore make better use of the corn kernels, which will all open, and we will not have to remove the burned ones. Remember that these, which usually appear when we use other ways of preparing popcorn, release a substance that is harmful to health.

What you do have to keep in mind in relation to the ingredients is thatthe higher quality the grainscorn,best popcornyou are going to eat. Today, buying corn is a fairly simple task. A matter, also, that allows you to choose between a large number of types, origins and qualities.

Step by step: popcorn inCrunchy oil-free fryer!

One of the advantages of this small-sized fryer is that it offers you the possibility ofpredefined programmingthrough its digital screen. In this way, all you have to do is put the corn kernels in the fryer drawer and program: yourpopcorn without oilthey will be ready in a few minutes.

Remember that this model has a total of seven predefined programs. However, you can alsoprogram manuallythe time you want to cook.

Thus, you should know that, depending on the type of corn used, you may need more or less frying time. To make them perfect, what we recommend is that you program your Crunchy fryersix minutes. If after that time, you open the drawer and see that all the grains have not been opened, then you can program a couple more minutes. Pouring the popcorn into a bowl and adding salt to taste is the last step to have itcrisp and ready.

Before using your fryer without oil for the first time, we advise you toconsult youruser manual. In this sense, it is important that you know how much you can cook in this appliance. For this model, the recommended amount for two people is100 grams of corn kernels. Finally, don't forget that you can also use this deep fryer with oil, although always in small quantities.

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Differences: Microwave or air fryer popcorn.

The main difference between the two ways of making popcorn is that, in the microwave, the result is not healthy at all. Added to this is the fact that any amount of corn turned into popcorn, by bursting the kernels, causes it totriple the calories.

A food, therefore, very caloric and rich in carbohydrates, whose way of being cooked has a lot to do with how healthy the result is. Without a doubt, prepare them in the crunchy fryerit is the best way to achieve that healthy condition. Why? Well because, to begin with, in amicrowave ovenyou can only doprocessed popcornor packed in bags, while in the oil-free fryer you can cook them with the highest quality corn kernels. This is the most important difference between the two ways of making this appetizer.

The best way, in onefreidora sin aceite.

Not in the microwave or in any other way that involves more ingredients than the popcorn itself. The way to achieve an optimal result is by using the fryer without oil, where they will come outperfect and will be much healthier. This will be possible because we will eatnatural cornwhich will only need, in any case, a point of salt. A circumstance that helps popcorn maintain the original properties and qualities of corn.

Therefore, the second difference that justifies us making popcorn without oil is that in themicrowave we use altered cornby other ingredients and in thefryer we use natural corn.

Microwave popcorn contains flavorings and antioxidants.

While natural popcorn is only corn, those that come in bags have several additives such as, for example,flavorings or antioxidants. Elements that, together with the heat of the microwave, can generate chemical substances that, although they are imperceptible in taste, are harmful to health. This is especially true for butter flavored bags. A product that is not used, however, where they are prepared with theoil-free fryers.

After having reviewed the differences between the different ways to prepare popcorn and clarified how to make it step by step, you now know which is the best alternative. Do not hesitate and bet on him snackAlways a favorite of adults and children, but made in a way adapted to the new way we live, think and consume. In short, a perfect option for that lifestyle that involves focusing on what we eat and how we eat it.Give away onecrunchy fryerto get delicious and healthypopcorn without oilIt has never been so fashionable in this scenario in which healthy life is the real protagonist. Have you tried them already?