ropa planchada en vertical

Vertical irons, the revolution for those who hate ironing!

We all know how tedious routine housework is. However, we cannot escape them and we must do them to have our home clean and ourclothes in perfect condition. In thispost we will focus on theplanchadoto talk about the different types of devices that exist on the market forremove wrinklesof your clothes.

Also, we will talk about whatplatesthey are the most recommended to have at home. We anticipate that, now that the Kings are approaching, give a giftvertical plate it can be a great idea. Why? We will explain it below!

What types of iron are there?

If you want something basic, you can always choose to choose oneeconomic iron. However, our goal is to give you useful information so that you know the benefits and characteristics that some of them offer and that your investment is worth it.

If you are wondering which iron is the one that best suits you, we anticipate that you should always choose the one thatmeet your needsand not be afraid to bet oninnovative products, and maybe unknown to you, like thevertical plates.

However, to make the best choice, it is essential that you know the different types that currently exist on the market and what characteristics each one presents. Go for it!

Steam irons (traditional)

TheVapor ironsThey are the type of iron that is usually in all houses because of theirsimplicity, popularity and low price. It serves both to smooth jeans and shirts as well as sheets and towels. Its mechanism is simple and it will only be necessary to add water to the corresponding tank, turn on the appliance, adjust the steam output and begin to eliminate wrinkles.

The holes in its sole allow steam to escape and fabrics are easily smoothed. They are safe, thenincorporate automatic shutdownwhen reaching high temperatures and can be stored in any closet. Its high demand has made it possible to find onewide variety of modelswith more or less benefits.

planchado camisa

There are some modelsTravelthat are characterized by being smaller than conventional ones. Thus, you can put your iron in the suitcase without taking up too much space. On the other hand, you have themwireless, that is, they work without cables. You will only have to connect your iron to the base that will be included in the package to recharge, and be able to use it again whenever you want.

Ironing centers

They are composed of an independent water tank, which will give you a greater capacity to produce steam andreduce your ironing timenot having to be aware of constantly refilling with water. Although they are usually devices for professionals, there are also for individuals, with a large family or a lot of clothes to iron, who bet on this type. However, you should keep in mind thatthey take up a lot of space and are quite expensive.

Vertical plates

Have you ever imagined being able to iron your clothesvertically? Now it is possible thanks to these models! Of course, you can also use it horizontally if you wish. If you want to iron a dress or a shirt, with this type ofhousehold applianceWill you be able to do itwithout having to pick it upfrom the hanger. In the case of curtains, you will not need to lower them from the bar.

Thanks to its technology, the steam jet will make your work easier and you won't have to worry about buttons or zippers. You canregulate the steam with different intensities, so, without a doubt, you will avoid burning your delicate clothes or even your hands. In fact, with just one hand you can carry out the entire ironing process.

Vertical ironing, is it worth it?

The sales of thevertical plateshave superseded the traditional steam for itsease of use, time saving and optimal results. Think that you will not need any ironing board, so your back will appreciate it by not placing you inawkward posturesand you will not have to be looking for a hole to leave the aforementioned table.

When used vertically, thesteam works much more efficientlythan traditional irons and removes wrinkles from clothes almost without realizing it. If, for example, you hate ironingshirts, we anticipate that this type of appliance will become a great help. Therefore, to the question of whether it is worth purchasing this type of product, the answer will always be yes.

planchado vertical

What is the best vertical plank?

At first glance it may be difficult to choose a single model, but our recommendation is that you value the idea of choosing thesteamy iron. This is perfect even forlast minute touch-upsin any type of suit, jacket or dress.

Provides a power of almost 2,300 W and autonomy of 55 minutes in relation to the duration of the steam, soeliminates germs, bacteria and odors 99%and, of course, all the wrinkles in clothes. Its steam brush will allow you to iron the garments from their own hangers and at 360 degrees thanks to itsrotating head.

In soloa minute and a halfMore or less, you will have your iron ready to emit heat from the sole and obtain excellent results. Its head is very light to increase theergonomicsof the device. However, alsoyou can use it horizontally.

This iron has an anti-lime system and a detector that will warn you when it has a lack of water. However, its two-liter tank will allow you to have many ironing sessions without worrying about whether or not there is liquid left inside it. Hisside accessory is perfect to support the iron and the top to hang hangers.

The height of yourtelescopic bars are adjustable, so that you can put them at the height that you prefer and adapt to your needs. Another of the peculiarities of this plate to highlight is the incorporation offour wheelsso that you transport it effortlessly from one place to another.

In conclusion, we hope that the information provided will help you realize that thevertical plateIt is ideal if you want your clothes to have no wrinkles, but you do not want to spend too much effort and time in eliminating them.