4 recetas para cocinar con ollas de hierro fundido.

4 recipes for cooking with cast iron pots.

If you are a lifelong lover of traditional cuisine, the cast iron pots They are one of the best elements that will allow you to prepare your favorite recipes. Have no idea what to cook with them? Do not worry because, in this article, we provide you with four recipes that will allow you to satisfy your needs.

The best options for cooking with a cast iron pot

The arrival of autumn, and the consequent drop in temperatures, causes us to want to stay at home more and put into practice Some of Grandma's recipes . We will have good arguments to organize a family meal or see friends with whom we have not met for a long time. The most outstanding recipes that we can find are the following.

1. Meatballs to your liking

Who does not like a good plate of minced meat balls accompanied by a good stew? Thanks to our cast iron pot, we can prepare them with our personal touch. One of the first steps that you must carry out is to marinate the meat the night before so that it is ready for cooking.


If we want to work further, we can also take the opportunity to chop the garlic and mix it with parsley, salt, pepper and two eggs. We will heat the milk bread in the microwave for 30 seconds and leave it in the fridge. The next day, all that remains is to form the meatballs, mix them with the sauce in the pot and let them cook for an hour and a half.

This dish is an excellent option because we can mix the meatballs with rice or anything else. Meatballs are one of the best complements in the kitchen.

2. Assorted cannelloni

The cannelloni are another of the most versatile dishes that we can prepare in our cast iron pot . We have the possibility of filling them with many things, such as minced meat, tuna or different types of vegetables. The first step is to prepare the sauce with onion and tomato and fry it.

cannelloni_mellerware Subsequently, they will be filled the cannelloni and will bake in 30 minutes . It is one of the best dishes that we can prepare for a Sunday family meal, especially with the arrival of the cold, since the cannelloni will be eaten piping hot.

There are other dishes that have a similar preparation. For example, lasagna or moussaka have almost the same characteristics and a similar process. We have different gratin options that combine pasta and a garnish made from meat or vegetables, among other ingredients.

3. A personalized stew

Stewed beef is another of the delicacies with which our diners will lick their fingers . In our cast iron pot, we will add a little oil and heat it over high heat. Later, we will add the veal meat in cubes so that it takes on color on the outside, but remains uncooked on the inside. stew_mellerware

We will remove the meat from the pot and put it on a plate. Meanwhile, we will prepare the sauce that will accompany the protein. The crushed tomato, garlic, onion and a little red wine will be the main elements. Subsequently, we will return the meat to the pot and We will add a little meat broth to make it juicier .

We'll let her cook for a bit longer. Initially, we will cook it at maximum power until the spout of the pot sounds. From here, we will lower the heat to medium for 10 more minutes. Finally, we will turn off the pot and let the meat rest for a while before being able to consume it. Usually it will be necessary wait around 30 minutes so that the pressure in the pot drops and does not affect the final result.

4. Some delicious macaroons

For many, they are their favorite dish. Macaroons are liked by practically everyone and are one of the most versatile recipes we can find . We can prepare them bolognese, carbonara or pesto, among many options.


In this case, we will focus on the most typical, which are macaroni prepared with minced meat. To start, we will prepare the sauce with onion, garlic, tomato, carrot and parsley. We will chop everything properly. Then, we will add the minced meat to the sauce and We will remove it properly until it takes the desired color . In the event that we want the pasta more al dente, just add a little more water. It all depends on the taste of each one.

We will boil the macaroni controlling well the portions that we are going to want. Once they are ready, we will mix them with the sauce and the minced meat. we will put them in a container and add Parmesan cheese . We will bake them for as long as we want and we will have the dish ready to serve. Undoubtedly, with a cast iron pot , the best results and a differential value will be achieved.

Main advantages of cooking with our cocotte cast iron

the cocotte cast iron It is, without a doubt, one of the best kitchen utensils that we can choose to prepare this type of traditional recipes. Its useful life is one of the main differential values. In addition to being used to cook all kinds of dishes, this pot is resistant to deformation. Its non-stick coating also means that no ingredient that we use never sticks to us. At the same time, this pot makes cleanup easy. We can leave it completely new.


Its versatility allows us to use it on all types of surfaces, regardless of whether we have gas, ceramic or induction hobs in our home. Its design makes it distribute heat in a completely efficient way and achieve maximum performance . At Mellerware, we have pot models that can go from the stove to the oven and from there to the table. Thanks to their handles, you can carry them comfortably without burning yourself. You will get that final gratin that makes so much difference in a dish.

Conclusion, our cast iron pots are some of the great options to bring all your favorite recipes to life. Visit our website and find the kitchen utensils you are looking for and that suit your needs. We have everything!