Tipos de Aspiradores

What kind of vacuum cleaners are there and which one do you need?

At the time of choosing types of vacuum cleaners it is very important that Let's be clear about our cleaning needs . The situation changes if we live in a large apartment, if we have pets at home or if we have little time to deal with cleaning tasks. They are decisive factors that will make us opt for one model of vacuum cleaner or another.

The latest advances in domestic technology have made vacuum cleaners evolve significantly. Although bag and cord models continue to be used, longer lasting batteries and more powerful and sustainable motors have helped create a new generation of vacuum cleaners. Is about lighter, more efficient and autonomous models, very easy to handle and with great cleaning power .

Cleaning our home is no longer a hard task thanks to this new generation of vacuum cleaners. But how to choose the model that best suits our needs ? Next, a tour of the different vacuum cleaner models, their characteristics and advantages.

broom vacuum cleaner

Definitely, One of its main advantages is its low weight . Approximately, it ranges between 2 and 3 kilos. A feature that makes it very manageable and practical. We can use it with one hand comfortably. This is thanks to the fact that it is manufactured with very light materials and with a very reduced design. It is perfect for reaching corners that other vacuum cleaners are not able to reach.

Broom Vacuum Cleaner

Its 400-watt motor, like the Rider Pro , allows you to generate a great suction and cleaning capacity. It has different levels of aspiration that allow us from vacuuming dust to small solid elements that we can find on the floor of our house.

Its mobility and efficiency have made it a more than consolidated alternative to other proposals such as the classic suction bag design. Unlike these, this broom model incorporates a 650 ml capacity tank . Also making it an unbeatable design is its autonomous battery that allows it to work for an hour without recharging. Your total independence from power cables It gives you complete freedom of use so that we can clean hard-to-reach areas of the house.

Secondly, This broom vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter . Its function is to trap dirt and dust from surfaces. This type of filter offers high efficiency when it comes to trapping particles. In addition, its technology makes it 100% efficient for bacteria, pollen or mold. Regarding its cleaning, it is very simple: just remove it from the appliance and wash it with water and a brush to better remove dirt. After letting it dry for 24 hours, we can reinstall it in the vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, removing the tank is also very simple and we can empty it after each use.

In addition, we can highlight the model Animal Rider if we have pets at home. It includes several special brushes designed to vacuum dog or cat hair, as well as a motorized brush for the surface of beds and sofas.

handheld vacuum cleaner

An alternative to other larger vacuum cleaners for certain jobs that is occupying an important place in our homes. This reduced format is perfect for vacuuming the upholstery of a car, for the corners of a sofa or to access the highest shelves of a shelf. Thanks to new technologies, these models have powerful 120-watt motors that suck up any trace of dust or dirt. Furthermore, they are brushless motors, which do not generate noise and have more durability.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

On the other hand, the range of Handy handheld vacuum cleaner It can also become a broom vacuum cleaner with the included telescopic handle accessories.

Among its main advantages we can highlight:

- Its ease of handling, thanks to a reduced design and weight . These models do not usually exceed two kilos in weight.

- Access to any area. Its lightness and compact size It allows us to clean even in those corners of the house such as behind furniture, sofas , etc., which we find difficult to reach with a larger vacuum cleaner.

- Autonomous design: they have an autonomous battery that does not need a cable. A detail that makes it even more functional to be used anywhere and access difficult spaces .

- Reduced design: this feature also makes it perfect for us to store it anywhere, even in the trunk of the car. If we have a small house, it is the Perfect model to store and not get in the way .

robot vacuum cleaner

It's been a while since he Vacuum cleaner robot appeared on the market and, currently, has conquered homes. When we have little cleaning time at home , this vacuum cleaner does all the work autonomously.

A vacuum cleaner with these characteristics is also a minicomputer. Their software It incorporates sensors with which it can recognize the areas of our home and trace a cleaning route. Also, It usually has different programming modes depending on the type of cleaning that we want: automatic, specific areas, punctual for very dirty areas... Our model Tidy Random It offers us up to 6 programming modes.

Vacuum cleaner robot

These robots have an autonomy of more than 2 hours of work and they can clean up to more than 150 meters of surface. Its autonomous capability includes its own power management. When it is low on battery, it returns to its charging base. The Tidy Random too sweep, scrub and mop . If we have pets at home, offers special brushes to clean animal hair , even on carpets. Among its main advantages is its silence when working, so we can use it even at night while we sleep. On the other hand, it is a Ideal model if we live in a large house , as we will leave the tasks of cleaning the surface in the hands of the robot vacuum cleaner.

So far this brief tour of different types of vacuum cleaners As we have seen, each model offers us specific characteristics depending on our cleaning needs. Choosing the vacuum cleaner that suits our home or lifestyle is essential.