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Tricks to vacuum your home if you have a pet.

Do you have a dog or cat in your house? We are not going to doubt that your pet is essential for you, but without forgetting that they can fill your house with hair. For this reason, we propose the keys so that you can choose el best vacuum cleaner for pets.

How to clean the house when there are pets?

The task is not easy, so you will have to arm yourself with patience. However, there are some tips that can help you a lot.

Vacuum better than sweep

When sweeping what you do is remove the most visible hair, but there are still residues on the sofa, in the place where your pet sleeps and, practically, throughout the house. Taking into accoat that you will not be able to see it clearly, the most appropriate thing is that you bet on one of the following alternatives.

Vacuum cleaner robot

The use of robot vacuum cleaners it\'s as simple as flip your switch or, depending on the model, program its operation from your mobile phone. It will automatically take care of vacuuming under the furniture and over the entire surface of the house. When the battery runs out, they return to the base to charge and continue working after a few minutes.

We recommend you un mixed robot vacuum cleaner since it first vacuums, then passes the mop and finally scrubs the floor. Imagine arriving home and being surprised by a completely clean floor smelling the way you prefer. The most important thing is that you can configure its features to your liking. You are going to get an extraordinary game out of it and it will even be used for your pets to play with it while it works. It\'s as easy as choosing when you want your house cleaning process to begin. You will save time and effort.

broom vacuum cleaner

It consists of a vacuum cleaner that includes a tank at the top so you can see when you should change it. There are models of pet vacuum cleaner including specific heads for your pet\'s hair and another motorized one so that you leave your sofa and your bed without hair. The ergonomic design and its light weight allow you to move it with ease. Its 400 watts of power on average are enough to obtain an excellent result.

You can find broom vacuum cleaners with or without cable. The cleaning part is easily disconnected. You only need a few minutes a day to vacuum, especially the area where your animals sleep and also their bed. If you lie on some type of blanket, rug or similar, do not hesitate to clean it daily and, especially, before putting it in the washing machine.

handheld vacuum cleaner

If you don\'t have too much space to store the previous option, this will also be of great help. you can load it via a USB cableIt weighs very little and includes an accessory to clean the upholstery. Its autonomy is 20 minutes, more than enough to vacuum what you want, removing any remaining hair in seconds. It can be him pet vacuum cleaner ideal for both your home and your car.

The most advisable thing is to always have it charged and take advantage of the moment of the daily walk to vacuum the hairs effectively. Remove the sofa cushions to work with fewer impediments. If you, or someone in your family, have allergies, this alternative will allow you to remove hair in less time. Remember that you should check the internal filter of the handheld vacuum cleaner periodically so that the product maintains its suction capacity.

Tips extra for a clean home if you have a pet

Apart from the small appliances that we have just mentioned, there are other complementary formulas so that your house is always clean.

Brush your furry daily

We already know that he doesn\'t like it very much and that it will take you a long time to get used to it, but it is necessary. Dogs and cats shed their hair every day. When this happens, it falls off and falls to the floor, to the bed, to the sofa or anywhere. You should use a brush to remove hair and do it daily.

You have to place the animal on some material that you can discard or on the terrace to prevent the hair from spreading throughout the house. Go brushing from top to bottom. Little by little, the balls of dead hair will come out, thus achieving the result you are looking for. In addition, your pet will look spectacular with this brushing.

Depending on the amount of hair on your animal, it would be convenient for you to bathe it once every 15 days or once a month. This way you will be able to improve the quality of your hair and make it fall out less.

Opt for repellent fabrics

in the market there fabrics including Teflon. This component is waterproof, does not stain and allows you to shake it, thus getting the hairs to fall to the ground without having to brush. The best thing is that your animal will not notice the difference as it is a soft material that will not cause any discomfort or erosion. A cover for the sofa or a cushion that includes this fabric would suffice.

Washing with special programs

It is quite likely that, despite brushing, after removing the sofa cover, sheets or clothes from the washing machine, you continue to find traces of hair. There are some spheres that are responsible for collecting fluff during washing. You can also place a shower sponge to ensure that the hairs adhere to it and do not clog the filter.

When it comes to washing programs, nothing better than using the shortest possible with the above trick. Surely you get your clothes come out intact. Put this advice into practice. be surprised.

The combination of best pet vacuum For your particular case, with the advice already mentioned, it is infallible. Say goodbye to having to remove hair daily, the bad smell and the itchiness that they can cause. You only need a few minutes a day to prevent excessive accumulation of dirt. It is up to you to choose from the available range and, above all, to find the formula so that your pets continue to be the protagonists of your home, but without their hair being able to bother you. Do you dare to try any of our options?