ventajas freidora sin aceite

Ventajas de cocinar con freidoras sin aceite.

Christmas is coming and as always the eternal question arises: What can I give this andear, if everyone has everything? Well, you may not have realized that there is a very practical gift for lovers of cooking and good food who also likes to take care of yourself and maybe it doesn't have: it's the oil-free fryer. A gift that he will love and that he surely did not imagine. So you know... this year you already have the gift of Santa Claus with which you will triumph without any doubt.

In addition, it is a gift with which you can benefit the whole family: less caloric dishes, smoke and odor free cooking and less oil expenditure. In addition to a healthier diet. From the smallest to the oldest, everyone will be delighted with this unique and special gift.

Difference between oil-free fryer and conventional fryer

The main difference between an oil fryer and an oil-free one is that while the former works with a resistance which heats the oil, the second works as a convection with hot air. In this way, its operation is very similar to that of a conventional oven, with the difference that, being of much smaller size, the cooking speed it faster than in the conventional oven.

Apart from this main difference, the conventional fryer requires greater effort in cleaning and gives off more smells and fumes when we are cooking. In addition, by using a large amount of oil, it is more expensive.

How to cook in an oil-free fryer?

Cooking in these fryers is very simple. To give you an idea, it is something similar to using a conventional oven. We just have to put the food in the basket, program the temperature y weather and that's it. Although they do not need oil, we can sprinkle the food with a little if you want to give an additional touch of flavor and unctuousness.

Also, if you have doubts, you don't have to worry. All usually come with an instruction manual so you know the approximate time and temperature for each type of dish.

And if you do not know very well what dishes to cook in it, do not worry. On the Internet there are hundreds of recipes that give you ideas of everything you can cook in these fryers beyond the typical chips. Even a cake or a potato omelette.

What foods to cook in an oil-free fryer?

In these fryers you can cook all kinds of food. From the classic french fries to the nuggets chicken, CroquettesDumplings Breaded meat and fish, fish fried Biscuits or chicken wings.

You can also do churros, potato omelette, Meatballs, eggs on the plate, onion rings, donuts, fingers chicken, fish in papillote... Pretty much everything. Any recipe you can imagine for the conventional fryer or pan, and even many of the ones you make in the oven, such as the cake, you can make it in the oil-free fryer.

Undoubtedly, with a small appliance you will have an authentic clean, safe cuisine that offers as a result tasty and less caloric dishes.

Benefits of cooking with an oil-free fryer

More and more people are deciding on a oil-free fryer; and is that the advantages they offer are innumerable, beyond what we all know: dishes with less oil and much less caloric. Let's look at each of them.

Healthier dishes

If fried foods do not go to you because healthy cooking is your thing, but you love to eat everything, with these fryers you will get it. And it is that your batters or your chips, for example, will be a lot for you healthier than ever.

Fewer calories

Have you ever imagined being able to eat a plate of chips without regrets of conscience? Well, with this type of fryers you can do it. And it is that the dishes without oil contain far fewer calories. Say goodbye once and for all to giving up the fried foods you love so much and keep your weight at bay without depriving yourself of your favorite dishes.

Comfortable kitchen

One oil-free fryer it is the most comfortable. You put the food in the basket and in a few minutes you have it ready. In addition, it is much easier to clean than conventional ones. From now on, you won't have to worry about changing the oil or having to clean it thoroughly. Put the basket in the dishwasher with the rest of the dishes and you're good to go.

More economical

These fryers, not using oil, are much cheaper than the rest and more if you like to cook with extra virgin olive oil, so used in Spanish cuisine. You will no longer have to spend one more time in your shopping cart.

Does not produce as much odor or smoke

Unlike conventional ones, which give off a lot of smell and smoke while you are cooking, with this nor will you find out that in the kitchen there is food. An incentive for those who flee from that unpleasant smell of fritanga.


To clean it you just have to put the basket in the dishwasher with the rest of the dishes and that's it. Also, since it doesn't splash while you're cooking in it, you'll have a cleaner and grease-free kitchen in the tiles or the floor, something that usually happens with conventional fryers.

Very economical price

The price of this type of fryers is more or less approximate to that of the normal ones and, therefore, a lot more economical than the price of a conventional oven. So if you do not have a budget for an oven or enough space to place it, but you want dishes with a similar result, opt for this fryer.

Now that you know all the advantages of the oil-free fryers, don't run out of yours. And enjoy the best dishes in a healthy way and keeping your weight at bay!