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How to clean a fryer without oil?

Know how to clean the fryer It will allow you to extend the useful life of this appliance and get more out of it. In addition, you can cook with total hygiene and enjoy food more. Therefore, in this post We explain step by step so you can clean it with total comfort.

Step by step to clean oil free fryer

at the time of cleaning a fryer without oil You won't need much time, just like frying food. 

To clean residual oil or grease, simply a small paper towel. Later, we must put a little detergent in the fryer, and fill the device with water to remove the few traces of oil. Once this step is finished, you will have to turn on the appliance and let the water boil for about 10 minutes. We will pour the water from the fryer and rinse it with a little water and vinegar.

It is very important that we understand those pieces that can get wet and those that cannot. Everything related to the electrical circuit that allows to heat the appliance It is not recommended to have contact with water.. As with many electrical appliances, it is very important that we follow the safety instructions. In the event that we find the outside of the fryer very dirty, the use of a degreaser such as the one used to clean ovens is also suitable. Always take into account the manufacturer's specifications.

With hot water and a towel we can finish the cleaning process. In the case of encountering more difficult stains, we also we can use a dishwasher tablet. When cleaning the inside of the appliance, the use of a plastic spatula will be of great help. In this way, it will be possible to remove all the fat that has been impregnated without scratching it. Likewise, we can rely on a mixture of water and degreaser. Above all, keep in mind that if the fryer is cleaned on a regular basis, everything will be much easier.

Warnings, don't mess up your fryer!

When cleaning your deep fryer you can make many mistakes, which can affect the life of the appliance. Therefore, we list some of the most frequent in the hope that you can avoid them:

  • Clean too hot fryer: On many occasions, we tend to want to clean it right after use. With this, we avoid all the dirt that can accumulate in the kitchen. However, although it can sometimes be recommended, in most cases it is a mistake. It can cause burns, so it is better to let it cool for 10 or 15 minutes.
  • Not using the right products: using the correct cleaning agents is paramount. Many times we use too strong detergents that can affect the non-stick layer of the fryer.
  • Do not clean it too much after a long time: The cleaning process of a fryer without oil must be constant, right after use. That is much better than cleaning it thoroughly after a long time. In this way, we will prevent dirt from accumulating. You should not only clean it on its surface, but in many other parts.

Following these simple tips will ensure that your appliance lasts much longer and, therefore, you can prepare healthy fries steadily.

Can I wash it in the dishwasher?

Although you cannot wash the entire fryer without oil in the dishwasher, we can do it with some of its components. For example, the basket where we place the chips, the meat or the fish that we want to fry. In most cases it is made with stainless steel. Since it cannot rust, it is compatible that we can put it in the dishwasher, or use any type of detergent.

With the help of the dishwasher, it is increasingly possible to quickly and easily clean more parts of this appliance. Some manufacturers also incorporate a logo indicating that it is possible to use the dishwasher without problems for cleaning.

Although the basket, and even some other component can be cleaned with a dishwasher, it is important that we check that it has been washed correctly. It is the only way to ensure that it can last us for many years.

unfit products

at the time of perform the cleaning process of this appliance We must be clear about which products we can use and which ones we cannot. All those detergents that are artificial and very strong are not recommended, since they will tend to eliminate the non-stick layer that the appliance may have, as well as its ceramic layer. It is very important that we read the instructions of each manufacturer, since they specify which types of detergent we can use and which ones we cannot. But, what products should we use in this cleaning process?

The vinegar and baking soda They must be our great allies. We can fill the fryer with a cup of vinegar mixed with oil and cover it. We turn it on, and let the mixture boil. Later, we remove it with the help of a clean and soft cloth. Baking soda can also be a great solution for removing grease from inside the fryer itself. It is also possible to use a soft toothbrush and dry it with a clean cloth.

Conclusion, know the process of how to clean a fryer properly is a fundamental part to be able to make this profitable appliance. Without a doubt, we will have the possibility of getting the most out of each dish that we prepare and extending its useful life.