Consejos para evitar la gripe este otoño.

Tips to avoid the flu this fall.

It is normal that we see more cases of flu during the autumn , because the temperature changes tend to be extreme. Therefore, the best thing we can do is strengthen our immune system and be well prepared for this season of the year. The following tips will help you stay completely healthy, despite the changes in temperature.

Follow a proper diet to avoid colds.

Many times, we associate colds with temperature changes. Although there is some reason here, we must pay more attention to our immune system. You can take the Mediterranean diet as a reference, since it provides you with enough vitamins, minerals and proteins that your body requires to strengthen itself. If you follow this diet, you will see that the change in temperature that we usually feel so much during the summer does not affect you so much. autumn .

Strengthen your body with powerful antioxidants , such as those offered by green tea. Make your natural infusions with the help of Spring kettle , which is presented with a very original design and gives the possibility of combining it with the different colors of your kitchen.

Increase your intake of vitamin C , which not only helps prevent colds , but allows you to recover before illnesses. try the juicy juicer to make some healthy orange juices. With its powerful engine, you will have no excuses for taking proper care of yourself.


When you opt for a greater consumption of fruits and vegetables , you facilitate a better functioning for your body. You increase the body's defenses against the changes of seasons. Of course, you cannot forget to reduce your fat intake , especially those from processed foods, which we find in fast food restaurants and in some prepared products from the supermarket. Choose your own ingredients and prepare your own meals so you know what you're eating. Only then will you be sure to follow a healthy diet.

Install good air conditioning in your home.

There are areas where the drastic temperature changes in the same day during the autumn . These climate changes tend to affect our body and weaken it. If you live in a region with these characteristics, you need a device capable of air conditioning your home in the optimal way.

The Mellerware Brizy Tower is an incredible fan/heater device that manages to control the temperature of the home. It gives you all the comfort you need. It has 9 speeds in fan mode, in addition to 1800 W of power with which you can heat any room in your home.

In case you live in a city where the cold can become a problem, the Comfy heat emitters from Mellerware can surely help you. So that there is no cold corner, you can get the package double the Comfy Medium heat emitters . Each one provides 1200 W of power and can be regulated up to a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius. With just one of these devices, you can heat a room of up to 20 m2.


Also, you could use a package where you will find a thermal emitter and a 2000 W Homy heater with adjustable thermostat.

Of course, you can't forget about go out with good warm clothes on the street!

Pay special attention to the hygiene of your home in autumn.

Without a doubt, the personal hygiene is essential, as home cleaning , where we spend a lot of time. Keeping our environment clean will make us healthier. If we have pets, we will also help them so that they contract fewer diseases.

Keep the house clean It will ensure that there are not so many bacteria or microorganisms in it. Microorganisms end up considerably weakening our body and affect our immune system. In many cases, they cause us to suffer from allergies.

It is possible that you do not find the time necessary to carry out a exhaustive cleaning in the home , especially if you have to work outside your home. For this reason, we propose different alternatives through the various suction products that Mellerware offers you.

On the one hand, you have the Tidy Random robot vacuum cleaner , which you will see in multiple colors. With 160 minutes of autonomy, it manages to scrub the floor of your home. It manages to reach up to 150 square meters on a single charge. In addition, it previously sweeps and sucks all the dirt it finds in its path. You can get to rest, after work, with the security of obtaining outstanding results. If you have pets, you don't have to worry, since the robot detects any object or presence in its path and surrounds them.


Also, you have the Rider Pro broom vacuum cleaner , which you can easily handle. It offers 400 W of power and thanks to it, you don't have to deal with annoying cables. You can remove dirt from your home. At the same time, it allows you to scrub quickly thanks to the embedded water tank. It is ideal for carpets because it includes a special brush among its accessories.

If you are looking for an effective device to get rid of grease and other substances where germs and bacteria tend to accumulate, the Fush hand steamer is what you need. Get a flawless finish in a few seconds. This is possible due to the 3.5 bar pressure it provides. With it, you will not have to use chemical products that can affect your health. You only need to wait 3 minutes for it to act with all its power. In 10 minutes, you will see immediate results.

As you have seen, both food, hygiene and temperature control and cleanliness are essential to avoid getting sick during the autumn .

If you want to avoid the flu autumn, you better get quality products like the ones Mellerware offers you . In this way, you will not be surprised by the weather. increase your vitamin C intake and keep your warm and clean home to be completely healthy.