Los mejores consejos para rendir en el teletrabajo invernal.

The best tips to perform in winter teleworking.

He telecommuting has come to stay, we spend more and more hours working from home. For this reason it is important to have a pleasant place in which to carry out our tasks in a simple, practical and welcoming way.

The difficulties of teleworking in winter

Even if we have adequate space, when the winter New inconveniences and challenges may arise to keep our work area always perfect. The arrival of cold can cause more than one inconvenience, all this together with greater humidity or the sound of rain.

The inconveniences that accompany winter in our day to day they are an extra when working from home. It may seem more complicated to disconnect and this leads to more difficulty when it comes to coping with the workday.

But despite everything, there is still the great comfort of being able to work from home. So, it's time to face the winter and make the most of our working hours.

The best tips for your home office during winter

With these simple and practical tips we can increase the comfort of the work area during the winter. It is important to take advantage of the good habits we already have. Maintaining the schedule, using ergonomic furniture or taking breaks from time to time should be maintained as healthy habits to work at home.


Delimited and orderly work area

Although this is something basic in teleworking throughout the year, in winter it is important to pay more attention to it. we have to count on an office in which we have all the elements we need for our working day . For all these reasons, it is important that we can locate them quickly and be efficient.

Thanks to this we will remain comfortable and there will be no need to leave our own space. In this way we will be warm and we will always have our objects in the perfect place for fast and precise work.

Control a correct point of light

In any workspace it is important to make the most of the natural light that we have. As we already did in summer, it is important to highlight that with winter this intensity and duration are partially diminished. In addition, we will have to endure more cloudy days that can restrict it more.

For this reason it is essential that we have a point of quality light . This implies a powerful focus in the work area accompanied by indirect lighting. It is important that they are not reflected on the screen of electronic devices so that we can take care of our eyesight.

Space with a pleasant temperature

One of the most relevant factors that we have to face is the cold. The drop in temperatures can mean that our home office becomes an uncomfortable place to spend many hours.

To avoid this we must have a ally like him Comfy Thermal Emitter , thanks to it we can have a pleasant heat in the room . This type of device can be programmed, in this way when we enter the office it will already be working and we will have the most suitable temperature for our working day.

Accompanied by a hot drink

There are winter days when cold seeps into the bones, it gets inside us and it is difficult to expel it no matter how many clothes you wear or heat the room. For those moments the best solution is having a hot drink that ends up becoming a daily habit throughout the winter.

Therefore, one of the best options is the infusion. We will enjoy a hot, comforting and healthy drink. In addition, we can put our hands around the cup to heat them. To prepare these infusions we must have an element that quickly heats the water to be able to enjoy it, the spring kettles they only need 3 minutes. In addition, we can leave them in the office, since they are compact and with a pleasant design.


Comfortable clothes

Another important element is the clothes with which we work. We must remember that when teleworking it is important to change clothes and not go in pajamas. This allows us to change the chip and separates our personal life from work even if it is done in the same space.

During the winter this should be similar, but with the right clothes. Thick socks will allow you to keep your feet warm. For the upper part we should not avoid blanket-style ponchos. It is important that all these pieces make us feel comfortable at the same time that they help us to keep warm .

fast food without stain

Mealtime is as important as the workday. During the winter we are less likely to cook. Therefore, it is important to find rich, healthy and tasty solutions that do not stain or take too long.

One of the easiest solutions we have is to resort to the Crunchy air fryers , we must choose the one of the right size for our family unit and we will be able to make meals quickly and easily. Cooking time will not be a problem, we can even schedule them in advance so that the food is ready at the end of the working day.


clean workspace

Keeping the workspace clean is essential. When enjoying our work, the area must be comfortable at all levels. It is important to clean frequently and remove dust, dirt and elements that we do not need.

For reduce what this task entails , especially in winter when what we want is to go to the sofa with the blanket, we can resort to technology. The Tidy Random or Tidy Gyro vacuum cleaners will be our perfect helper. You can schedule them to clean the house during working hours and later, redirect them to the office to carry out their function.

To get the most out of telecommuting It is essential to surround yourself with the best elements. Making the most of your work space and accompanying us with drinks and delicious and warm meals will help us face the days with encouragement. In addition, we must make sure that our office is always clean and warm. At Mellerware we have everything you need to get through the winter and have a good teleworking experience!