Descubre los packs de Mellerware

Discover the Mellerware packs

Do you know the packages from Mellerware ? Take advantage of the opportunity because it is the best time to acquire them at an unbeatable price. In today's blog we present some of them. From kitchen packs, and air conditioning, to packs designed for your pet. Don't miss out and save money.

Everything for your kitchen

Do you consider yourself cooks? Perhaps you are thinking of improving your way of cooking? Whatever your answer, Mellerware offers you a series of excellent quality appliances. Among others we highlight the following.

morning pack

It consists of a kettle and toaster of design. It is available in colors such as red and black so that it fits perfectly with the furniture you have installed in your kitchen. A variant is the master breakfast pack which includes a juicer with enormous power and elegant design. Get ready to have a better breakfast than ever!


kitchenware pack full set

If you have just moved into your home, or want to renew your cooking utensils, this alternative is ideal. Includes two Cuking saucepans (20 and 24 cm in diameter respectively) and two Sauty pans 24 and 28 cm in diameter. Surprise your family with your creativity and review your recipe book to find the formula for success. We assure you that your dishes will always be on point. Choose the color of this kitchenware and turn it into another part of your kitchen decoration.


Other appliances

We refer to those that become the epicenter of all the action that is generated in your kitchen. It is the case of package mixy double which includes two blenders with a 1300 W motor, a capacity of 1.5 liters, six stainless steel blades and a huge capacity that allows you to crush ice in seconds.

To eat healthy, trust the air fryer Crunchy Plus with accessories , ideal for making all kinds of recipes in no time. Forget about leaving the house upside down and make the same recipes as always but without dirtying the kitchen.

If you are one of those who does not revive until you have a coffee, the option of having the package Frothy Double It offers you two frothers that you can use to make all your coffees. Remember that there are more options available for beginners, experts and fans of gastronomy in general. Discover them!


Are you cold at home?

If so, the batches with heating products from this manufacturer will allow you to enjoy a very pleasant temperature. You will find proposals with a minimalist design in which the color white shines. Surely the cold is more bearable thanks to the following proposals.

Fights the heat effectively

Fans are still the most sustainable option to move the air in a room and gradually lower its temperature. Mellerware divides its offer into two large types of bundles :

  • Brizy circle + Brizy stand . The Brizy range recovers the classic design of circular fans with a metal protector on the front. They are available in white and black, and, in this case, they combine a model with a vertical axis and a circular base with a standing one to place on any piece of furniture. There are other variants such as theBrizy Air Power 30 model, a reference with a square shape, small in size and perfect for placing on the ground.
  • Brizy It is also the name of some models of ceiling fans with three blades that have a function for summer and another for winter. They are sold in pack of two units and are available in colors such as light and dark wood imitation, white and black. The air will move more fluidly and the corresponding room will stay at a lower temperature in a matter of minutes.


Comfy Pack

It includes two radiators designed for rooms of up to 10 square meters. They reach a power of up to 600 W and connect to your mobile phone via the Internet so you can program them. The existing variants are:

  • Deluxe . With 2000 W of power, they heat a room of up to 30 meters and, like the previous model, it also offers maximum connectivity and easy installation on the wall or on the floor.
  • Pro . It has 1200 W of power and is one of the most recommended for rooms with a surface area of ​​20 meters. It also includes a digital temperature control panel and all the advantages of the previous options.


Cuddly Double

This set of two electric towel rails It has 500 W of power and can be programmed. It holds heat for nine hours, so you can dry off with a hot towel every time you get out of the bath or shower. There is no more pleasant feeling in the middle of winter, don't you think?

Your pets and their undoubted role

It is not necessary for us to tell you that if you have a pet, it is you who lives in your house and not the other way around. However, this does not prevent you from having to go to work to feed your life partners and from having to spend several hours a day without enjoying your presence. Fortunately, Mellerware has created the pet lover pack which includes two creations of the brand.

The first is the feeder petto eat whose tank you can easily load and thanks to an application program when you want the amount of feed that you deem appropriate to come out. At the same time, petto drink It has the same operation and will prevent your pet from dehydrating. The combination of both options is also available in mini format.


As you just checked, the packages by Mellerware They are created by and for people who want their home to be a place where they can cook better, have a pleasant temperature and ensure that their pets are properly fed at all times. It's up to you to take advantage of the current sales to modernize your home and make it one of the 21st century!