Fast Food saludable con Mellerware

Healthy Fast Food with Mellerware

In today's blog we come to convince you that healthy fast food is possible if you choose the right ingredients and appliances to prepare it. In this way, you can enjoy this type of food whenever you want and without regretting how it may be affecting your health.

A guilt-free burger with very few calories.

The hamburgers is one of the best known foods of the fast food , and at the same time one of the most inadvisable for the daily diet, especially if you buy it in a fast food restaurant. But, you don't have to worry, in case you have a hard time leaving this appetizing food, there are alternatives.

You have many options to perform a burger completely healthy , starting with its main ingredient. It is possible to substitute the beef for the chicken and even for the tofu if you are looking to bring a vegan diet . Fortunately, today you can find vegan burgers in your supermarket more easily.


A good option is chicken, specifically the breast, since it does not contain no fat and be indicated in any weight loss diet. Of course, forget about breading it as you usually find it in many fast food restaurants. Although, we have a very handy alternative for you, if you don't want to miss out on that crunchy feeling. With chickpea flour , which is becoming easier to find in the supermarket, you can cover a chicken breast fillet.

Another important element to eliminate from your diet is oil. Luckily, you can use a oil free fryer as the Crunchy Medium Digital from Mellerware. With the minimum oil, preferably extra virgin olive oil, you will need a few minutes to taste a crispy and delicious chicken. Do not forget to previously add a touch of salt and black pepper to taste.

The rest of the ingredients must also be healthy. We advise you to choose a wholemeal bread and skip the typical slice of cheese, which you can substitute for a slice of fresh cheese , since it does not contain as much fat. Later, complete this delicious dish with lettuce, tomato slices, onion, gherkins and a touch of mustard . This sauce is characterized because it has minimal calories, in addition to giving an incredible flavor to the meats.

vegan hot dog

Health is very important, without a doubt, but your palate may ask you to return to enjoying those fast foods that you used to enjoy, such as hot dog . Now it is possible to perform the famous hot dog , but really healthy.

The growing demand for vegan food allows you to buy some tofu sausages in your own supermarket. This facility will allow you to cook quickly and without having to wait too long, as you are used to in restaurants in fast food .

Substituting the hot dog bun may not be so simple. When looking for a healthy option, it is convenient that you avoid the consumption of white bread , since it is processed. Therefore, we advise you to choose a suitable integral. You will find versions of large slices, to buy the ones that are to your liking.

All you need to do is cook the tofu sausages on the Hotty digital grill from Mellerware . You will not need to be aware of the food when cooking, since it is easily programmable, in addition to being easily cleaned. Best of all, you don't need oil. By having adjustable plates, you can select the side of your food that you want more toasted. In the case of sausage, we recommend the same degrees on both plates.


to make your hot dogs more international, you can add some of the ingredients that they usually taste in North America when it comes to eating their puppies. A bit of tomato diced, avocado in half moons, pickles and onion to taste . As we are promoting healthy food, in the case of sauces, it is advisable to opt again for the mustard . So you can not miss a fast food classic.

sweet potato chips

Although, with the help of fryer without oil , you can enjoy healthier potatoes, many people do not like this carbohydrate very well, at the same time they want to try an alternative to it. Therefore, we invite you to try the sweet potato or sweet potato.

To start making this recipe, you will start by cutting the sweet potatoes in the shape of a fried potato. You know, elongated and with the thickness of your preference. In a container, you are going to mix the pieces with a splash of extra virgin olive oil , a little salt and black pepper . If you want, you can add other spices, such as turmeric , sweet paprika, oregano and everything you can think of.

mellerware_air_fryer_sweet potatoes

In the Crunchy Medium Digital Oil-Free Fryer , from Mellerware , you must place each chip well distributed, so that the heat is distributed well. To achieve that signature crunch, you'll need to turn each piece halfway through cooking. Since you already mixed them with EVOO, you will not need to add them inside the fryer.

Program the device to 180 degrees centigrade . After 15 or 20 minutes you can open it to turn your chips. Complete the 30 minutes to be able to taste this delicacy, which is not usually lacking as a companion to a fast meal, only this time, in its healthier version.

What can you dip your sweet potato chips in? We advise you the tzatziki sauce , which is made with EVOO, natural yogurt, lemon juice, a piece of cucumber and seasoning to taste. You can create this sauce with the help of the Spiro hand blender , from Mellerware.

As you have already seen, it is possible to cook fast food healthy , with the minimum of calories and adequate ingredients for a healthy diet. Whether you are vegan or not, you can opt for tofu, lean meats and, of course, vegetables, in addition to legumes, which contribute so much to our well-being. Mellerware provides you with the best appliances for the kitchen.