Elimina el polen de primavera con Mellerware

Eliminate spring pollen with Mellerware

The arrival of the Spring is the ideal time to renovate the home, air out the house and let it breathe freely after having been closed for so many cold months. How should the set-up of your house be in these months?

How to do spring cleaning

A clean and tidy house is synonymous with comfort and hygiene. It is highly recommended that you do a cleaning deep in your home at least once a year, and what better time than with the arrival of the spring . Cleaning deeply will not be an easy task, however, there are tips that we can follow to help us make this task more pleasant, as well as having modern appliances that can make the task easier for you.

A good idea is to start following an order, either from the outside in or start from the inside and end in the outer areas. Also, you should keep in mind that it is not a cleaning of a single day, but you are going to require several days to be able to finish it.

Thus, we recommend that you make a list of the tasks that you need to attend to in each space of your house. From them, design a cleaning program that is sustainable and realistic, adapted to your time availability. Once you have ordered everything you need to attend to, it will be time to determine if you have all the necessary resources that will help you carry out the cleaning without much difficulty.

Make sure you have all the items you may need. Thus, you must have garbage bags, gloves, masks, various cleaning products , microfiber cloths, sponges, brushes, mop, buckets. At this point, we recommend some household appliances that will make these tasks much easier for you. deep spring cleaning days .

air purifiers

These devices are necessary in any home. Keep in mind that the air that enters your home may be more polluted than the air that circulates outside. Therefore, it is key to have a air purifying device to help you keep cleaning of this inner air.


The purifier reduces those particles in the air that can be harmful to health. The Spring cleaning It is the ideal time to get one, since it is in this season when the air is filled with pollen and allergens that can pose health risks to many people.

The Mellerware Freshly Air Purifiers have the ability to reduce allergens, dust, pollen , bacteria, or toxins that can cause asthma and other respiratory problems. Their main advantage is that they can destroy these airborne pathogens, even eliminating tobacco-based airborne toxins.

Broom Vacuum Cleaners

A broom vacuum cleaner It is a device that will allow you to have the floor of your home clean. It is possible to keep the floors clean and do without the use of conventional brooms, which often raise dust and dirt while we use them. Broom vacuum cleaners have the advantage that they do not have cables, so you can forget about the inconvenience of a conventional vacuum cleaner. Thus, you can reach any corner at any time.


These devices are fast, efficient and have a very simple operation. The broom is very light and combines the power of a vacuum cleaner without relying on bags or generating dust.

The Mellerware Whooshy and Rider-Pro broom vacuum cleaners They have a power of between 120 and 700 W. Thus, you can choose the right power for the needs of your home and ensure that in your Spring cleaning don't leave any dusty surface in your home. Depending on the model you choose, you can also opt for various accessories, which you can buy according to your needs.

Vacuum cleaner robot

He Vacuum cleaner robot It is an appliance that has come to stay. They are small and compact and can be stored in any space. It will not be necessary to leave them in sight so that they can be activated and carry out their work, since it is a machine designed to vacuum automatically and autonomously.


The Mellerware Tidy Gyro and Tidy Random robot vacuums They have intelligent navigation that will allow you to organize the cleaning of the different rooms of the home. Thus, you can program them to clean some rooms more frequently. They have a long battery life, enough to clean your home twice, while their charging time can be up to four hours.

In addition, you will be able to synchronize them with your smartphone, with which you will be able to ask the robot to clean regardless of whether you are not at home. Without a doubt, it is one of the devices that will make your life easier and that can help you speed up your spring cleaning. thanks to its vacuum, floor scrubber, mop or mixed functions, combining these functions with each other.

handheld vacuum cleaners

The Mellerware Handy handheld vacuum cleaners They are perfect for reaching any surface in your home. They do not require the use of cables, so you can use them for a long time thanks to their autonomy. These are small and light devices that will allow you to remove dust, pollen , mites and even food crumbs after dinner time.

This device will give you greater autonomy because it has a long-lasting battery. This gadget will help you speed up a tedious task like your spring cleaning .

vacuum cleaner_handy_mellerware

The size of this apparatus is very important, for several reasons. The first of these is that the smaller it is, the more it will help you reach the most difficult corners. In addition to this, it is over to think about the lack of space when storing your appliances. Finally, its suction power leaves nothing to be desired, since it guarantees that you will achieve the desired results without problems.

In conclusion, for you cleaning of spring and ensure that your home is kept free of pollen , dirt and disorder, we recommend you have our range of high-end appliances. These can help you and speed up your work, as well as keep your home clean throughout the year with the least effort.