Sorpréndelos con unas increíbles brochetas.

Surprise them with some incredible skewers.

The skewers They are always very helpful, as well as being perfect when you have guests in your house. We do not need a lot of time to make them, although we can always make some quality ones gourmet , in case we have an important event. With the luck that everyone loves it, you know that with this food you will hit the mark.

Discover the original skewers for any time of the day.

We bring you several examples of original skewers that you can prepare at any time of the day, to surprise your guests. In case of serving them during the appetizer, starter or as a main course, there are many very delicious salty options. For desserts and snacks, the sweet skewers become your perfect ally to enjoy a dessert where your guests can enjoy a mixture of delicious flavors.

The skewer as an appetizer.

He appetizer It is something deeply rooted in our culture and that, without a doubt, your guests will always appreciate when you invite them to eat. It is a good time to have a drink while tasting a delicious skewer, among the options that we show you here.

To make room for food, it is preferable that you opt for a light appetizer, but one that manages to appease hunger momentarily. It begins with a very original skewer of olives with sausage . As simple as chopping the sausage that you like the most, and adding it to the skewer along with the olives. Fuet and emental cheese can be the most recommended allies for this type of skewer.


Another option is a baked potato skewer . Take care to cut them into medium-sized cubes. You can cook them in various ways, from a little salt to black pepper or paprika to taste. With 25 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius they will be perfect for consumption. Accompany them with a delicious sauce, which you can buy in your supermarket such as ketchup or pesto. To make this skewer we recommend using an air fryer like the one from Mellerware . In this way you will achieve a tasty and healthy result.

As a starter, a delicious skewer.

The skewer is also ideal to start a special meal. As incoming it is very accurate. if you are looking for something gourmet , we propose one with prawns and peppers , which you can cook directly in the oven, sprinkling them with salt, pepper and cumin.


He octopus It is another exquisite product to form an original skewer. Combine it with cherry tomatoes and bell peppers , which you can cook in an air fryer or on a griddle grill like the ones Mellerware offers. Do not forget to cook them with salt and a pinch of extra virgin olive oil.

A very curious skewer for your guests can be made with Spanish tortilla cubes and thin slices of Serrano ham . This combination of Iberian flavors is a guaranteed hit that your guests will love.

Skewers as main course.

we arrived at main dish which, of course, can be made with skewers. In this case, protein plays an important role, as you will see in the following possibilities that we present to you.

how about a cheese pasta accompanied by meat skewers ? The combination is perfect and even attractive, especially for children, who will love this dish. You can choose some macaroni or noodles. Make a cream-based sauce for cooking and melting cheese. Salt and pepper will serve to give it flavor. Obviously, a couple of roast meat skewers cannot be missing. Choose between pork or chicken breast to create this simple, yet delicious meal.

Another originality that we present to you is a Meatball skewer with potatoes and fried peppers . What we can serve on a plate, we take to this element, which can be made of wood or metal. For those who are passionate about this type of presentation, they will be amazed by this dish, which we can accompany with different sauces, such as a fried tomato sauce, to dip the meatballs, and a mayonnaise sauce, for the French fries.


We are going to leave the next option to the fish. In this case, the marinated dogfish we are going to complement it with pieces of gouda cheese , fried red peppers and cherry tomatoes . You will see how you become a perfect host.

The sweet skewer for dessert

Both big and small like the desserts . Imagine getting a sweet skewer to finish off a delicious meal. Luckily, we have many options that can be to the taste of all your diners.

Let's start with a healthy dessert. On a skewer you can Combine all the fruits that you can think of . How about banana pieces with strawberries, orange segments, kiwi pieces and some blackberries. For those with a sweet tooth, you can always present a separate bowl with melted chocolate, in order to achieve an exquisite flavor.


If you thought you had seen everything about cakes, think again. On a skewer you can place at each end, and also in the middle, small biscuits Among these, some are perfectly fine strawberries with whipped cream . Although you may need a teaspoon to eat this delicious option, its presentation will pleasantly surprise your guests. There are always many ways to combine this idea, such as chocolate syrup, sweet sponges instead of biscuits, etc. It's all about imagination.

A brilliant dessert, which can be fantastic for lovers of skewers, is to surprise your guests, during New Year's Eve dinner, with a grape skewer , specifically twelve, of course.

Surprise with the skewers for snack

The snack It is one of the favorite foods of the little ones. We can surprise you with a candy skewer , although we advise you to use them as an exception, due to their high sugar level.

A combination that does not go unnoticed is that of Banana with melted chocolate . You can wait for this last ingredient to cool down so that it takes on a greater consistency.

There are many possibilities of skewers , from sweet to salty. If you are passionate about them, as well as your guests, you can follow some of the proposals that we have presented to you. With products from our gastronomy or with the sweet touch that you like, you will undoubtedly enjoy them.

At Mellerware we have the ideal appliances to make skewers, either with our air fryers or our electric grills. Discover them and surprise your guests!