Recomendaciones para elegir el ventilador de techo ideal.

Recommendations for choosing the ideal ceiling fan.

Have you been thinking about installing a ceiling fan ? Without a doubt, it is a perfect alternative to refresh any room. However, before buying this product, it is recommended that you take into account our recommendations to select the perfect model for you.

Effective tips for choosing a ceiling fan

We are going to review all the keys of the ceiling fans What you should review before buying one. Remember that the ideal model is the one with the specific characteristics that best fit the room or area where you are going to install it. This aspect directly affects whether or not the model includes light.

The benefits of relying on a ceiling fan with light

The first is that you will take advantage of the connection of the existing lamp and you will have the necessary luminosity accompanied by the breeze generated by the blades. Mellerware offers you the model Brizy Bright with the following characteristics:

  • A 45W DC motor .
  • Three blades .
  • Six speeds .
  • He engine spin adapts to summer or winter with the flip of a switch.
  • Includes 24 W led light and remote control .
  • It is available in the following Colors : white, black, wood (in light or dark tone). The finish of the upper part of the Dark Wood model is metallic, the rest is white or black.


The advantages of a ceiling fan without light

There are specific areas of a house that do not require excessive lighting or that are specifically for relaxing. In both cases, you can install a ceiling fan without light that is in charge of lowering the air temperature in the area of ​​your house by several degrees. Mellerware offers you the Brizy model that allows you to enjoy:

  • A 45W DC motor . This direct current alternative consumes less energy and is very quiet so you can sleep peacefully and without disturbance.
  • three blades made of light-weight wood of large size (1.32 meters in diameter).
  • Various colors available: wood color (in different shades), black and white.
  • A remote control that allows you to activate a timer so that it turns off whenever you want.
  • A sound level of 45 dB .
  • A IP20 protection .

Like the model that includes light, its energy class is A++, its body is made of aluminum and it is suitable for a room of up to 20 square meters. It includes the night mode that gradually slows down the speed so you can sleep without fear of heat. You can install several in the same area as long as you keep a distance of four meters between them.


The style and the location

If you are going to choose a model with light for a bedroom, living room or living/dining room, base it on the main color of the furniture. Consider that the fan is the central point of the room and that it should also be the one that helps you achieve the visual balance you need.

The models without light they adapt very well to a porch, your reading corner or a terrace. You can always count on other types of complementary proposals such as a floor lamp or other similar options that allow you to have light more easily.

Also remember take into account the color of your furniture and if the fan is going to be exposed to direct sunlight. In this case, it is advisable that you select the color of the wood for those more elegant areas or the always effective black or white tones to complete the decoration.

Black and white are highly recommended for spaces in which you have opted for modern and functional furniture. The wood adapts very well to the exterior and, in addition, it is combined with the aluminum finish, which gives a different touch to each fan you buy.


According to the exact location of each fan , you have to calculate a minimum height of 2.4 meters between the floor and the ceiling. Feel free to move the lamp socket if necessary to place it in the geometric center of the room. For the exterior, it is best to place several online.

In all cases, the fan working at full capacity, installed at the exact point and with the light off allows you to achieve a temperature drop of up to four degrees. If you use it in winter, the temperature could rise the same amount by distributing the accumulated heat progressively.

If you're worried about him energy consumption , the timer allows you to program the product to turn off in one, two, four or eight hours. The objective is that you choose how you want to use your next fan and that you do not get cold or hot.

Mellerware has managed to make a difference with its range of fans in a sector that seemed destined not to evolve. your designs, elegant and modern , and an indisputable balance between price and quality, are the guarantees of a commercial catalog designed to surprise you as a customer.

The manufacturer's confidence in each product is so great that it offers you a three-year guarantee. From the moment you install the fan , you will notice that it is a product designed for you and for you to enjoy maximum well-being in your home.


We hope that our advice for choosing your new ceiling fan you find them useful. Trust Mellerware and you will notice the difference. Now you can say that your home is just as you always wanted. It is up to you to put them into practice and try some products designed especially for the most demanding. Turn your ceiling into the perfect surface to complete the decoration of any room in your home. Surely you like the idea of ​​enjoying a perfect temperature at any time of the year.