Planes caseros para disfrutar el día de la madre.

Homemade plans to enjoy Mother's Day.

There is very little left for him Mother's Day and surely you have a lot of desire to celebrate it with yours. If this year you don't want to go to the usual restaurant and you want some different and very fun plans, be sure to read this post . Barbecue, raclette cheese and crepes... Your mother has never received such a special gift!

3 plans to do on Mother's Day: enjoy a grill and more

He Mother's Day It is one of the most beautiful of the whole year. A moment to share laughter, memories and to make your mother feel that she is the most important thing for you. Therefore, you cannot leave it to chance, you have to plan something beautiful that will remain in their memory and also in yours.

What can you do? Well, there are many restaurants, but what if you cook for him? Surely that was not expected. Well, now you can do it in a very simple way with the help of three very special electrical appliances that we propose.

So take note because with these three plans that we propose, you are going to surprise your mother... Sure! If your mother didn't think you could cook so well, now is your chance.

Grill meat and vegetables with the Mellerware "Hotty" grill

Do you love barbecue-style meals, but you don't have a house equipped so that the neighbors do not bother you with smoke? Well, your problems are going to end with the Mellerware Grill Hotty for meats and vegetables.

You can get an excellent barbecue worthy of the best of chefs . And it is that this grill It has unbeatable features: it contains some extra large tilting plates that adapt to all types of food and non-stick so you can cook everything at once and with an unbeatable result.

Furthermore, thanks to his 2200W of power you can get your dishes ready in just a few minutes. And best of all, you can regulate the temperature as you want so that your food is perfect and on point.


What can you prepare for your mother? Well, you can prepare an excellent special vegetable barbecue with green asparagus, mushrooms and mushrooms. Three delicious vegetables ideal to savor on a day like this. Accompany it with a marinated chicken fillet and a good wine. You will not need more to surprise her. Best of all, you can cook everything on your grill while sitting in the dining room with your mom enjoying a good chat.

crepes with the Mellerware "Slurpy" crepe maker

Can you imagine surprising your mother on that special day for her with breakfast in bed or with a snack she didn't expect when she got home? Well, now you can do it better than ever with the Mellerware Slurpy crepe maker . Why is this crepe maker so unique? Because it allows you to make the most professional crepes as if they were fresh from the best of cafeterias. With their 1200W of power you will have delicious pancakes in so just a few minutes .

Besides, his surface of 30 centimeters and his non-stick coating It allows your crepes to be perfect and... without them sticking to the pan as they used to.

crepe maker_sluprpy_mellerware

Doesn't the idea of ​​having it seduce you because you don't have space in the kitchen? Don't worry, because with your reduced size It adapts to all types of rooms.

What special breakfast can you prepare for your mother? Remember that your crepes have to be very special. So put a sweet or salty filling and accompany it with a good coffee with milk and a good orange juice. This surprise will certainly guarantee a good awakening for your mother who will certainly surprise her.

If you were a real disaster making crepes... with this crepe maker you and your mother are going to hallucinate. From now on, it will be your perfect ally.

Cheese Raclette with Mellerware "Yummy" Raclette

The raclette de quesos is undoubtedly one of the best options if you want to enjoy a good meal with loved ones. It is a most versatile appliance that helps you prepare the most incredible meals in an easy and original way.

A much more complete kitchen appliance than the fondue, as you will see below, and which will become an essential for you when it comes to preparing very successful meals among diners as special as your mother.

If your mother is a true cheese lover and you want to surprise her with something more elaborate than a simple well-cut cheese board, then make her a r aclette of cheeses with Mellerwere's Yummy raclette.

This raclette it is most complete. And it is that they also have a function grill and iron. A top quality product with 1400W of power, reversible and removable plates and adjustable temperature. Contains 8 mini pans so that you can melt the cheese in each one of them and serve it to each diner with ease. Can one ask for more?


Ideal for making a complete family meal that includes barbecue , melted cheese , tortillas , vegetables and everything you want without having to dirty so many pans. When your mother sees the food you have prepared for her, she will surely want another raclette how is it for her

What food do we recommend to surprise your mother on her day? Melt different cheeses in each pan together with some sliced ​​mushrooms, a little fresh parsley and a teaspoon of white wine. Accompany your melted cheese with some grilled asparagus that you can put in the grill from your raclette and with a plate with good sausages. If you don't know how to cook, don't worry, because with this small appliance you won't have any problems.

Opt for one of these three plans for the Mother's Day and enjoy unique moments with her. You see that to surprise her, you don't have to take her very far, the important thing is the quality of the moments you spend with her and at Mellerware we offer you products to make these unbeatable moments possible.