Ventilador de techo y otras opciones para este verano.

Ceiling fan and other options for this summer.

Summer is just around the corner and with the heat and high temperatures. The time has come to get down to business and prepare so that time does not become your enemy. For this, nothing better than a ceiling fan or another format with which to combat the heat in an efficient way.

Ceiling fans as the first weapon

This appliance is one of the most used today to combat heat. It is one of the most affordable, comfortable and efficient options that we can find on the market. In addition, there are a wide variety of models with which to cover different needs and rooms in a practical way. Ceiling fans are still the kings when it comes to dealing with high temperatures. These are the main models that you can find.

All models seek to bring you comfort and silence. In addition, they have different functionalities to facilitate your day to day. At Mellerware we have a wide variety of ceiling fans that adapt to the different needs of our customers.

Brizy ceiling fan

He Briz ceiling fan It is one of our best known models. This type of device has great power (45W) and 6 different speeds, as well as being easy to control through its remote control. The installation is carried out on the ceiling of the room and moves the air from the upper part towards the rest of the area, offering very pleasant ventilation. In addition, the Mellerware Brizy have a DC motor, which will allow you to sleep and take long naps without a problem, since this type of motor is the least noisy on the market.

This model has three blades and is available in a wide variety of colors (white, black, light wood, dark wood) that combine perfectly with any type of decoration.


Air Power 30 table fan

Are you looking for a model that is easy to transport and that you can move comfortably from one room to another? For this you have the Mellerware Air Power 30 table fan . This format is one of the simplest, cheapest and most efficient you can find.

The blade is vertically oriented and can have an oscillation mode to help renew the air in the entire room. It can be placed on the ground or on a raised element such as a table or furniture. The blade is protected by a metal grid to prevent accidents. There are two formats, some more traditional and round and another, in which the finish of the protection is square, as is the case of the Mellerware Air Power 30.

They are perfect for small rooms or houses in which they are going to move frequently from one room to another. Also, if you are a person who teleworks a lot, this fan is undoubtedly the best ally for summer heat waves.


Stand fan Brizy Stand

At Mellerware we also have a larger model that is the 50W Brizy Stand stand fan .

It has 5 aluminum blades and a diameter designed to guarantee the maximum flow of fresh air in the most effective and efficient way. With this fan you will get maximum freshness while minimizing consumption.

It also has an oscillating function, three speeds and adjustable height for greater comfort. It is also easy to transport around the house, which makes it one of the most popular models.

It is usually used in medium-sized rooms or on terraces. If you are looking to combine with the decoration, you can find options in both black and white.


Brizy Tower fan

He Mellerware Brizy Tower fan It has been one of the last to arrive, but its popularity continues to grow. These types of models have a system that absorbs air from the bottom to distribute it from the top, providing greater efficiency than traditional models.

They have a very elegant design, since their blades remain completely hidden. Its minimalist shape makes it very attractive to look at and they are easy to store, although in the case of the Mellerware Brizy Tower we doubt that it is necessary since its double function of winter and summer will help you to be at the best temperature every day of the year .

This type of fan is perfect for any type of room in which you want to place it. In addition, they can be easily transported although they are somewhat heavier than the standing or desktop ones.


Other tips to beat the heat

But to combat the heat during the summer with your fan you can apply these other tips that we give you. All easy and simple to follow that will surely help you to be cooler in your home.

Join forces between fans and windows to create cross currents. These will help you to recycle the air inside the house first thing in the morning and last thing in the day.

place a little ice in front of the fan , this trick will help you generate humidity at the same time that you make the coolness of the ice spread throughout the room. To place it, use a bowl with some stones and a little water.

Count with one fresh water vaporizer Use this item as a spray perfumer or air freshener. It will help to refresh the room before you enter it. Water is also an option to refresh the bed. Use the typical hot water bottles, but in this case with cold water and some crushed ice.

Wrists are the body's thermometer , refresh them frequently. 10 seconds under cold water will give you a pleasant feeling of freshness.

When summer approaches the use of ceiling fans or in any other format is a great solution to beat the heat. At Melleware you will find a wide variety of models that adapt to your needs and the room where you want to place them. In addition, with our advice you will spend a very cool summer.