Consejos para un verano saludable con productos de Mellerware.

Tips for a healthy summer with Mellerware products.

One of the best times of the year arrives, summer! In this season we tend to enjoy the street more, since the days are longer, in addition, there is also usually much more social life thanks to the good weather and that sometimes ends in excess. For this reason, it is important not to lose sight of the healthy life . In this article we are going to talk about how to have a healthy summer accompanied by your air fryer and other Mellerware appliances. Let's start!

Enjoy a healthy diet with the oil-free fryer as your best ally

The feeding It is the basis of a healthy life. We know that in summer you usually have less time and want to get to everything, so it is best to choose to use your Crunchy Medium Digital Air Fryer to make the best healthy recipes in the shortest possible time. What does this appliance offer you?

  • 5 predefined menus : it has 5 options (potatoes, chicken, meat, fish and seafood) to be clear about the temperature and cooking time of these. It is an aspect that will make your life easier.
  • Design : its design is perfect so that you can place it on top of your counter. In addition, it has a screen and touch buttons to make its use easier.
  • Capacity for 2-3 people : if you need to prepare food for more than one person in summer, this fryer makes it possible thanks to its 3.5-liter capacity.


Healthy recipe options with your deep fryer

Do you have a hard time thinking about what to cook in summer? We offer you some quick options to be able to enjoy your healthy life without having to waste a lot of time.

  • Chicken breast with fine herbs : nutritious, healthy and very tasty. You can make chicken in your deep fryer and then add it to your favorite salads that you can take anywhere to eat healthy.
  • Broccoli Nuggets: he snack perfect for a snack dinner or for a meal where you have guests. It won't take you more than 15 minutes to prepare and they are delicious. For the dough you have to mix: broccoli, eggs, low-calorie grated cheese and spices to taste.
  • Bimi : are you a fan of this vegetable? In recent years the bimi has gained many followers and we are not surprised at all, because it is very good. To do it in your fryer without oil you will only need a little extra virgin olive oil and salt. It will be crunchy in 5 minutes to be able to eat healthy but without giving up flavor.

Prepare the best refreshing drinks!

What does it take to prepare the best juices and smoothies of summer? Clear! A glass blender of quality that allows you to grind what you need. Below we will talk about the main features of our Mixy blender , an appliance that will become one of your favorites this time of year.

  • Power : it has 1300 W of power. What does this mean? That perfectly crushes with its 6 blades everything you throw at it. You will never see lumps again.
  • Regulator : at Mellerware we know that not all ingredients are the same and that is why this blender has a temperature regulator that is accompanied by an LED light to provide you with more comfort in your day to day.

glass blender_mellerware

Ideas for the best summer drinks

But what drinks can you prepare this summer with the blender? One of the keys to a healthy diet is to stay well hydrated, and especially at the time of the highest temperatures of the year. But it is not necessary to do it only with water, we are going to give you some drink options so that you can enjoy while you take care of yourself.

  • Lemon granita : there is nothing more refreshing in summer than a good glass of lemon granita. This fruit has a great contribution of vitamin C. Of course, in our case we make this drink without sugar. When you crush the lemon with the ice, we recommend adding a few drops of sweetener to give it a bit of sweetness.
  • Watermelon Smoothie : Watermelon is the perfect fruit to take care of yourself in summer. It is made up of mostly water and for this reason, it will provide you with hydration without giving you calories. Put watermelon in your glass blender and add a couple of glasses of water to get the best texture. If you want to add something different, you can add your favorite sugar-free vegetable drink instead of water.


What can't be missing for a healthy summer? The sport!

Sport is essential if you want to lead a healthy life. If you don't have time to leave the house in summer to do it, we offer you 3 machine options that will be great for you:

  • Wizzy Track treadmill : With pulsation and inclination sensors at 3 levels, this treadmill will be great for you to show off your more runner this summer.
  • Loopy Path indoor bike : With a 22 kg flywheel, this option is very interesting to have a quality exercise bike in your home.
  • Loopy Track Indoor Bike : In this case, you will have a 16 kg flywheel and a perfect design to place in any corner of your home.

Sports habits for summer

These Tips for practicing sports in summer they will be great for you. Watch out!

  • Sport in the morning: At this time of year it is best to forget about doing sports during the hottest hours of the day. We recommend doing it in the morning, so you can forget about the rest of the day and, above all, you'll be fresher when you do it.
  • Drink a lot of water: Hydration is essential while you do sports, especially in summer when we have to sweat more. Drink water while you practice so you don't have any problems.


As you can see, it is not complicated at all to have a healthy summer with your air fryer , you glass blender and some keys that we have given in this article. Remember that a healthy life does not forgive and in summer we have to make an extra effort. But that does not mean giving up enjoyment, not at all! Take advantage of this time of year to enjoy the healthiest food and drinks. The best time of the year is here!