Consejos para poner tu casa punto este verano.

Tips to put your house point this summer.

One of the best times of the year is approaching: the summer and with it, also the heat. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about different tips to prepare your home for this season. place a ceiling fan or emptying the fridge are just some of them. Let's start!

The best tips to get your house ready for this summer

How can you prepare your home for the hottest time of year? Do not worry, we have done the work for you and we have found the best recommendations so you can enjoy at home.

Ventilation: essential

Without a doubt, the ventilation is one of the most important aspects. Remember that first thing in the day you will have to open the windows well so that the heat of the night goes away a bit and the house is well ventilated. Even so, you must bear in mind that you will not be able to have the windows open all day because otherwise the heat will enter. Therefore, we bring you the best options of fans , buy the type that best suits your home.

      • Ceiling fans : this is one of the best options, they are silent devices that you can keep on for hours, even at night.
      • Desktop fans : if you study or work at home, it is important that the room stays cool. The best option may be to place a fan on the table, the air will cool the environment and also the devices.
      • Standing fans : this is also a perfect silent option to endure the hottest hours of the day in areas such as the living room or dining room. In addition, it has 3 speeds, perfect for controlling the amount of air you want.
      • Tower fans : you can place them in any room you want and their great advantage is that they hardly take up space. In addition, you can move them where you need.


Touch the change of textiles

It's time to say goodbye to blankets and sheets of winter. In order to prepare your home for this time of year, you should think about replacing warm fabrics with much cooler ones. Opt for items like cotton or linen , which are fresh, light and perfect for this season.

In addition, you can also choose to place floors summer, they will give a very interesting touch to any room in which you put them.

prepare the outside

The days are getting longer and surely in these days of the year you want more than ever to enjoy the outside of your house . Therefore, you can give it a little facelift to be even more comfortable if it fits in this area.

  • if you have a garden , mow the grass well or prepare the area of chill out that you have Place a candle or a spotlight to create a slightly better environment.
  • If you have one terrace , maybe after winter it needs to be painted again or simply take out the table and chairs that you usually have and clean the whole area well so you can start spending more time in it.


Remember that to spend hours in any of these places you must have a good shadow space . In the middle hours of the day, exposure to the sun should not be very high, so if you plan to eat on your terrace or garden you should have a protected area so as not to have problems with UVA rays.

a general cleaning

Before summer arrives, we recommend you make a general cleaning Thus, you can take advantage to make the change of textiles at the same time that you give a good review to the whole house.

How to make a home with a hygiene better? Opt for a air purifier , why? It is perfect for the hot season, it will eliminate all the particles that cause allergies and it will also help the ventilation of the house and the bad odors that can be generated in summer. These devices help to have a fresher, cleaner and above all healthy home.

Leave room in your fridge

It may seem obvious, but when summer comes we usually eat more fresh produce like fruit or vegetables, since they feel like much more. To be able to taste the dishes or juices that you like the most, you must clean your fridge. Thus, you will leave room for the things you consume in summer. Do the same with the frozen, ice cream season is here!

In addition, when it is hotter we also tend to consume more water remember to leave a good space to always have fresh water for all the people who live in the house.

Change the accessories

If we change the cabinets, why not also change certain elements of our home. The accessories They do not occupy so much as to not be able to modify them seasonally.

Put warmer colors which in winter will help you to be much more comfortable in your home. For example, you can choose to change the tableware, cushions, vases, or rugs. They are simple elements that can do a lot in the whole room.


brand new scents

If you like the candles or other elements that mark how your home smells, it is time to make way for the most summery aromas. For summer, opt for much more floral or intense alternatives. What you want when you get back from a day at the beach is to smell fruit or very fresh things like flowers.

Check your insulation

The windows or doors they can be the key to keeping your home cooler. Remember before summer, check the insulation and see that everything is correct. You will appreciate it when the days of the highest temperatures arrive.

As you can see, elements like a ceiling fan a air purifier They are what you need to start preparing for the coming season. Summer is coming and we have to make our home much more comfortable so that we can enjoy it without having to worry about anything with our family or friends.